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Thursday, May 13, 2004

RSS Search And Custom Feed Creation: NewsXS

NewsXS is a new RSS-based news search engine operating across four different languages: English, French, German and Dutch. Over 4,000 quality news sources are already included. Newsfeeds submissions are all reviewed and filtered manually. NewsXS generates an immediately accessible RSS feed for any search term you use. By submitting your email, you can also create a personalized RSS newsfeed based on five "keyphrases" you provide. NewsXS is not a news-archive, after 7 days news items disappear (old-news). Currently the database holds about 42.500 news-items in English, French, German and Dutch. Development concentrates on French sources at the moment. Spanish sources are being collected and a dedicated branch should be launched in the next few weeks. Italian and Portuguese branches are being prepared. Requests for Danish and Icelandic feeds have also been made. Database statistics, news item counts, can be found on the homepage.
You can suggest your own RSS newsfeed here: Free.



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