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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Voice Publishing Is Here To Stay: Audioblog

A new online service allows anyone equipped with a headset and microphone to start recording audio news, interviews, articles or commentaries and to post them with extreme ease on any weblog-based site. The new service is available since yesterday and for $ 4.95 you can immediately sign-up to use it for a full month. Labelled audioblogging, this approach to information publishing is an emerging rich distribution format that fits a very diverse group of applications ranging from traditional radio-style news reporting, to learning applications and just-in-time performance support. Audioblog, has skilfully integrated the ubiquitous Flash plugin to allow audio recording capabilities to anyone having a Web browser on whichever computing platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). The recording and publishing workflow is indeed extremely simple and it requires no more than a few clicks to create an audio recording that is made accessible directly through your online weblog. The actual audio file is stored on Audioblog servers while guaranteeing you over 1 GB of bandwidth for visitors playback (apx. 5,000 playbacks of a one minute recording). Here is also my first recording. Overall, from the discovery of the service to the moment I had an audio posting online, overall time has been 8':11". Recommended.

(when are we going to video blog?)



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