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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Virtual Teamworking Guide

"Virtual teamworking is already commonplace and is rapidly becoming essential as organisations work in an increasingly collaborative way. With high-speed internet access now widely affordable, virtual teamworking can be appealing both to the individual and effective for business. Many of the technologies that support virtual teamworking are well established. They are powerful tools for rich, dynamic interaction - but they are only tools. The real issue is how to use them to address business needs, to allow virtual collaboration to thrive and to deliver practical commercial benefits." This 17-page PDF-guide introduces the topic of Virtual Temaworking to those who are not familiar with it while outlining the key benefits, alternative operational modes and the questions to ask when moving in this direction. Too bad the short list of links to some reference collaboration technologies brings up the usual names (WebEx, ICQ, etc.). It is actually in the area of the new emerging cost-effective conferencing technologies that teams are going to find their holy grail without the need for a full corporate budget.



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