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Monday, May 10, 2004

The World Is A Stage: Capture It! Wi-Fi.Bedouin

"Every entrepreneur or technophile prides herself or himself on thinking outside the box. Very few however, actually succeed in escaping all the confines which shape our ideas about what technology is and how we can apply it. Julian Bleeker -- inventor, grad student and software developer -- has not only found a way to truly think outside the box, he's found a way to take the box with him.
His project, Wi-Fi.Bedouin is an ambitiously alternative approach to wireless communication. The project takes its name from the Arabic word bedu meaning "inhabitant of the desert." Bedouins are the desert-dwelling nomads of Arabia, the Negev and the Sinai. In the case of the Wi-Fi.Bedouin, shifting sands, flowing robes and loping camels have been replaced by urban pavement, a pair of jeans and a modified laptop backpack. Bleeker describes his project as, "a wearable, mobile 802.11b node disconnected from the global Internet." ...The idea is that wherever the wearer goes, he or she creates their own little wireless world. For instance, a user could wear one to a music festival, a conference or a tradeshow and broadcast their own tailor-made streaming audio or other form of data, which could be received only by people with mobile devices in close physical proximity to the Wi-Fi.Bedouin wearer." For me, it could go much beyond that. The show doesn't have to be for too a restricted number of "viewers", and great mobile videoreporters would have a great demand for subscribers wanting to be with them live at their next scoop.



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