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Monday, May 10, 2004

Master Your Powerpoint Presentations To CD-ROM With All Links Working

PowerLink Plus 2.0 is a PowerPoint related utility that solves an annoying problem many presenters have when needing to master their presentations on a CD-ROM/DVD: keeping all of the associated files and links working on the CD-ROM! PowerLink Plus 2.0 verifies and repairs all of the links within your presentation and within all "nested" presentations, if present. Links include movies, sounds, images, other presentations, and other documents. The software creates a useful report that identifies all links within your presentation(s), their original link and the new pathless link created by PowerLink Plus. Copies of all of the files associated with your presentation are packaged to a single folder with all links converted to "pathless". On top of this, PoweLink Plus adds the free PowerPoint Viewer (2003 version) and automatically generates the autorun.inf file that makes your CD ready to be played back anywhere. Nothing is installed on the target machines; everything runs from the CD in the free PowerPoint Viewer, even if PowerPoint is not installed on that PC. PowerLink Plus offers a free Trial Download. Full price is $ 50. Recommended.



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