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Sunday, May 9, 2004

Video To Flash

Video to Flash?

Kibisis is a simple-to-use and very cost-effective video (and audio) to Flash converter. The benefits of converting video clips to Flash is the one of having a distribution file format that is more efficient in terms of size and which can be easily streamed online (the end user does not have to download the whole file to see it, but can start watching as the file downloads). Kibisis allows conversion to Flash at different levels of quality allowing any independent publisher to easily create versions of video and audio clips for both broadband and dial-up users. Kibisis supports AVI (Video for Windows files), MPEG, MPG (ActiveMovie files), MP3 and WAV and the Flash and Flash MX file formats. Kibisis has also the ability to add pre-set filters to video clips, to add text captions, to extract audio from a clip and to create audio only streaming files ready to be played from one of your Web pages. Multiple examples are available on the Kibisis site as well as a free try-out download. Kibisis is USD $ 59.95.



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