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Sunday, May 9, 2004

How To Alternate The Display Of Multiple Images On A Web Page

"One of the challenges facing the modern web designer is to create sites that appear fresh and new every time a visitor shows up. It's one thing if the site you're designing is a news site, for example, where stories or headlines will be updated on a regular basis, providing fresh content on the hour -- or even more frequently. But what about those of us designing sites for clients with relatively static pages whose content changes infrequently? How can we provide fresh, changed content for our visitors on each subsequent visit, without relying on someone to generate this content on a daily or even hourly basis?" This article reports on three commercial solutions and one manual PHP cosing approach that can be immediately put to use to display alternate images randomly (or according to more specific rules) on any Web page. Recommended.



Dan Benjamin -
Reference: A List Apart [ Read more ]
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