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Sunday, May 2, 2004

Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing Ready For Prime-Time

"The rise of print-on-demand technology and websites devoted to self publishing is making it ever easier for writers to bypass conventional publishers. Many authors have become frustrated with conventional publishers, entrenched by market projections, annual styles and the unmentionable word ''returns.'' The alternative is self-publishing. Unfortunately, in the past, some vanity publishers have tarnished the idea of self-originated publications by overcharging and under-promoting. Rarely simple, self-publishing can require authors to print, distribute and market their own books, which usually involves a lot of expense and hard work. But with recent developments in digital printing technology, small self-publishing businesses are starting up that are fast filling the void left by conventional publishers and previous tailored publishing ventures. Using low-cost digital printing methods that allow small print runs, known as POD (print-on-demand), it is now possible to publish a book for a fraction of the cost of a traditionally published book. Those in the book trade may view the developments in digital publishing with mixed feelings. But for the writers among us, whether professional or unpublished, those dark days of simply hoping to see one's book in print are over."



Reference: The Globe and Mail [ Read more ]
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