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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Breaking The Art Market Closed Circles

"If we could freely display every piece of art we came across and enjoyed, and if we actively pursued new creations, it would only be natural to pass older pieces along after a certain amount of time. We only have so much room in our lives and homes for active enjoyment of artwork. Just as we may enjoy a spectacular vision of a setting sun, and wish we could hold on to that image forever, we still love and need the variety of several sunsets in our lives. And as spectacular as that sunset is for one individual, part of its beauty is in knowing how many others are also enjoying its radiance. The current process of selling art up front is creating a wall between artists and the rest of society. Consumers need to pay for the enjoyment they expect to experience from art before they own it, and artist's need to spend money and time finding buyers willing and able to afford that expense. Instead of creating new art, much of an artist's time is spent in finding buyers for old art. They may find many people who enjoy a particular piece, and would very much like to own it, but cannot justify or afford the expense. So, the art waits. The artist waits. And, the consumer waits to find something more affordable. The creative flow stagnates." But here is a solution: Instead of art being purchased and held like diamonds, waiting for their value to appreciate, art can be distributed for free while creating a sustainable pattern for both artists, art evangelists and art buyers allowing true art to be enjoyed for as long as desired, and sold when new art for the home is found.



Amanda Koh -
Reference: [via Minciu Sodas] [ Read more ]
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