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Friday, April 23, 2004

Lazy Person's Guide To Being A NewsMaster

This is part 1 of Roland Tanglao's new guide called The Lazy Person's Guide to being an NewsMaster. "What is a NewsMaster? Robin Good (as far as I know) defined the term in his excellent post, The RSS NewsMaster as RSS Dolby. I would generalize this further and define them as Internet Dolby. That is, NewsMasters sift through the web, remove the noise and reveal what is pertinent and relevant to you and your organizations. NewsMasters aren't new; I think any decent librarian has similar skills. What is new, is the great amount of information, noise and chaos on the web that must be sorted and sifted through to find the nuggets of knowledge you seek. I believe that organizations will have full-time NewsMasters eventually, but until then, since it's still early, you can do it yourself cheaply and quickly by following the steps in this guide."



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