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Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Emerging Business Experience Parameters For Online Communications

"The Online Presence Spiral - an interactive experience that is engaging, accessible, immersive - not just IM indicators but sound quality - active cams, mobility etc. Emergent thoughts that we need a new "Presence Formula". This post represents rough notes on how online presence is being redefined by new audio solutions. These are creating a sound spiral and an unexpected tipping point for tel co's and cellular phone providers while redefining consumer / user audio expectations." Lots of interesting research and information about the new merging landscape for live collaboration tools. Though me and Stuart come from different backgrounds and approaches to these topics, I find always interesting new ideas and thoughts in his writing. I strongly recommend a good read of this interesting essay, while keeping your eyes and ears open to the several many other collaboration and conferencing alternatives, some of them distinctively better than any of those mentioned there, emerging out there.



Stuart Henshall - [ Read more ]
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