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Sunday, April 18, 2004

New Tools For The Novice RSS NewsMaster: FeedSweep

A new free online service called FeedSweep provides the ability to render RSS/XML news feeds into HTML, making it very easy for Web site publishers to integrate news headlines and excerpts from other sources, into their Web page. FeedSweep also provides an advanced feed layout customization facility including the ability to control precisely colors, fonts, and the amount of text to display for each news item. FeedSweep can easily aggregate and mix together any number of RSS/Atom feeds as desired. FeedSweep does supports most major RSS feed formats (including most RSS 1.0 and 2.0 variants, the Atom Syndication Format, while adding support for Slashdot's unique "Backslash" syndication format). FeedSweep uses industry-standard JavaScript code to deliver RSS-based content to any Web sites making it a truly distributable and easy to implement solution for any webmaster. To incorporate RSS feeds into any of your web pages you must have a basic grasp of HTML and after having followed the steps needed to create a Feedsweep, a snippet of HTML code will be shown on your screen. Copying that HTML code into your web page will pull the set of RSS news feeds you have selected to appear on your selected Web page. Free.



Reference: FeedSweep [ Read more ]
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