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Thursday, April 15, 2004

How To Convert Your Newsletters Into An RSS Feed

"NewslettersByRSS is a bridge product. It allows newsletter publishers to continue to deliver their newsletters by email while trying out a new delivery vehicle - RSS technology. Web sites have long used Newsletters to increase their 'draw' of visitors back to their web site. This successful strategy is in peril because of the ravages of SPAM. Publishers of emailed newsletters have seen the open rate of their newsletter drop to an alarming degree. The debate as to why this is so continues but several conclusions are obvious. Readers continue to want newsletters. In fact, the Neilson Norman Group recently conducted a study on E-mail Newsletter readers and concluded newsletters "create much more of a bond between user and company than a website can". Email as a delivery vehicle has lost its effectiveness and profitability. Users are confused about what is great content in their inbox and what is SPAM and Advertisers have seen an increase in the numbers and demographics of newsletter subscription list. It is a FREE service that bypasses the problems of firewalls, SPAM filters and user indifference to their inbox. A publisher simply adds his NewslettersByRSS email address to his list of subscribers. Each newsletter delivered by email to this NewslettersByRSS email address is available to any user with a RSS newsreader."



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