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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

How To Circumvent Censored Internet Access

"With these steps, you can turn your home computer into a miniature Web server that you and your friends can connect to when your Internet access is censored. If you are blocked from accessing a Web site, you can connect instead to the Web site running on your home computer, where you will be able to access a form that lets you type in the URL of the Web site that you want to see. Then the contents of that site will be displayed to you even though you never actually access the site directly. Because these steps involve running a Web server on your home computer, they require you to have some type of "always-on" Internet connection, i.e. DSL or cable modem, in order to turn your home computer into a circumventor site. Also, you usually cannot install a circumventor on a machine behind a firewall or router -- which means you may not be able to install it if your computer is on a home network with several machines. You almost certainly won't be able to install it on a computer in a school or corporate network (but you can still install the circumventor on a home machine, and then use it from a school or corporate network computer). These instructions work under Windows XP and Windows 2000 only. They will probably not work on Windows ME, or earlier versions of Windows."



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