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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

How To Build Your Own SteadyCam

I have been a long time passionate videomaker and have greatly enjoyed making my little movies with the use of economic consumer equipment and innovative shooting ideas. One great device that I always wanted to have, but could never afford, has long been a small steadycam apparatus, which would allow me to take quality shots while walking or even climbing stairs next to my main character. You know how those shots come out so jerky and amateurish-looking unless you use the widest angle lens you have available. But here is a wonderful $14 solution, explained and illustrated to the last detail. I am sure that anyone who has a bit of confidence with drilling and threading will have no problem replicating this. (Scouted for you also a refined version of this by Derek W. Beck). And finally some sample mini movies to see how effective this really is (Sample steadycam shots: girl, soccer.)



Johnny Chung Lee -
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