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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Serious Business Networking On Spoke

If you have been exposed to social networking tools like Ryze, LinkedIn,, Ecademy, Orkut, Zero Degrees, Huminity, Friendster, Visible Path, and to one of the few other ones available out there, and you have been disappointed with what you have seen, time has come for you to give a good look at Spoke: business networking technology that helps you find people and companies without sharing private information with others. Spoke exploits the intelligence embedded in your own personal connections and networks, by analyzing your own contacts and leveraging your universe to help others reach who they need. Spoke is just such a leap forward relative to those other tools, that it can't be easily described in a few words.Spoke is a beautifully designed technology, that can reward its users as much as they are willing to invest in creating useful and information-rich profiles while extending their reach via the infinite networking routes Spoke offers. Saying that I am impressed with Spoke is a severe understatement. This is a full-blown and feature-rich system that helps you to keep in touch with the people you work and relate professionally to. It is a tool to consolidate your contacts and to expand your network. It is discrete, effective, and simple to use. But don't expect to dive into it and extract results in 15 minutes. Spoke is so richly textured that appreciating all of its features will set you back a few hours at the very minimum. But if you care into seeing what the future of social/business networking is all about, your wait is finally over. Highly recommended.



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posted by Robin Good on Tuesday, April 13 2004, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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