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Sunday, April 11, 2004

RSS Feeds Offer Quality Targeted Advertising Opportunities

"RSS, or XML Syndication, has the potential to offer unique and targeted advertising opportunities to online publishers and the marketers they want to attract. Even though the majority of XML Syndication activity exists in community blogs frequented by tech-geeks, information technology (IT) professionals, and other types of early adopters, an advertising market is beginning to evolve. Robert Scoble, a technology evangelist for Microsoft Corp., notes that lack of visual stimulus and clutter drives the functionality of an RSS feeder. He says it enables the user to scan content more easily and without distraction. The market opportunity for advertisers is via text ads. "In my RSS news aggregator, "I'm able to scan a large number of stories or content very quickly without having to be distracted by color, by advertising," Scoble says, continuing: "but I'm not talking about advertising--like text ads, because I think there's actually going to be advertising in RSS. Google figured out a very effective way of advertising, which is to use text, because the human eye can process that very quickly and not get distracted."



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