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Friday, April 9, 2004

Track, Compare And Measure Your Google AdSense Results: AdSense Tracker

AdSense Tracker helps website owners participating in the Google AdSense™ program to get a more detailed overview of how their sites are performing. Google's lack of reporting leaves publishers guessing as to which sites, pages, and ad styles are effective and which aren't. This AdSense™ tracker will keep detailed logs of all impressions and clicks on AdSense™ ads on any website without altering the ad code itself. That information can then be used to analyze the effectiveness of the publisher's sites, different ad sizes and styles, or even individual pages -- showing the publisher exactly when, where and what ad was clicked in realtime. The script is written in PHP and makes use of one mySQL database and requires a snippet of JavaScript be placed on each page you want to track ads on. The tracker is available to the public at no cost through this website, which serves as a demonstration of the script using testmode/ca-test adsense ads." Though Google has now added the Channels feature, which allows AdSense publishers to track separately the results of different content sections or even of different Web sites, AdSense Tracker has the unique advantage of reporting also on the clickthrough ratio for different types of ads. Something that may prove of critical value to serious marketers. For a live example of this free tool can do for you see a sample AdSense Tracker report here.



Reference: AdSense Tracker
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