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Friday, April 9, 2004

Mac Getting More Popular Again? First Mac Trojan Detected

The first Mac OSX trojan horse, a piece of malicious code that intrudes computers without explicit consent from the computer owner, has been reported to be out there in the wild. The news item, initially reported by the Mac News Network and then by Slashdot, is making the rounds as this appear to be the first serious appearance of malicious code on the new and increasingly popular Mac OS X computing platform. Intego is a company that produces a software solution to is already capable of stopping this unpleasant digital guest. The code embedded in this piece of malicious code can take advantage of a minor oversight in the way Mac OS X displays and handles potentially conflicting file versus legacy metadata. It is to be noted that many early comments of this news item have stated how "quite ironic [is] that a company selling you a fix happens to find the problem and releases the solution [within such a short time] for the low price of 59.95." All' n' all this is not a major threat for which to take immediate emergency action. It does show however that though, marginally for now, an increased interest and attention to this and other non-Windows computing platforms is indeed growing.



Reference: Slashdot [ Read more ]
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