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Friday, April 9, 2004

Fast, Light And Easy: Shinkuro Makes Small Group Collaboration And File Sharing A Snap

Shinkuro is a new collaboration technology which allows groups to easily share document and files of all kinds, as well as to send files, text chat and screen share while maintaining presence and instant messaging abilities. Shinkuro is small, fast, easy to use and does not take up much of screen real estate. Shinkuro integrates natively high security mechanisms and it does allow to securely share files across enterprise boundaries. Getting up to speed with Shinkuro is as difficult as downloading, installing, creating a group and designating a folder you would like to share with your workgroup. Any files you put in that folder will be shared with the other members automatically, or you can easily drag and drop files from your desktop or Windows Explorer. Shinkuro also includes secure instant messaging and secure screen sharing, to give you a complete collaboration environment. Shinkuro's works on PCs, Macs and Linux machines right out of the box. Shinkuro is the brainchild of Steve Crocker and Jeffrey Kay, two long time industry veterans with an oustanding curriculum and with direct work experiences with the ARPA. Steve Crocker was one of those engineers who helped create the Arpanet protocols which are the foundation for today's Internet (2002 IEEE Internet Award). A Shinkuro download is only click away, and, as of now, it is free.



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