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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

New Ways To Connect People And Content

Waypath is the public front end of a busy engineering/think tank lab. conceived to enhance the weblog community by providing new ways to connect people and content. Waypath works around new and fascinating ways to extract more value from content, people and information already floating in cyberspace. Waypath has designed a number of clever tools and plugins that leverage data and information that is publicly accessible and that are ideal complements to personal and professional news sites. One of these Waypath plugins allows bloggers on popular personal publishing platforms (Movable Type, Radio, B2, Wordpress, etc.) to automatically showcase at the end of their posts related items from the blogosphere. Specifically the plugin provides some extra micro-content containing links to and abstracts of posts that discuss similar topics to ones in the originating weblog, even when such posts are not linking back to it. A great complement to trackbacks and blogrolls. Among the Waypath "tools" you can also find the Related Stuff! Bookmarklet which allows you to get related stuff on any topic from anywhere on the Web, the Waypath It! Bookmarklet - providing you with the means to get related weblog posts for any URL you specify, with one click from your browser, and Buzz-o-meter Maker - a great way to create your own Buzz-o-meter by way of information charts that can track up to five topics of your choice on the whole Internet.



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