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Saturday, April 3, 2004

Help Me Test Desktop Videoconferencing

David Pollard finally gets onto the real-time collaboration train and decides to give a good round of testing to a selected set of one-to-one videoconferencing and VoIP solutions. In his review he includes Viditel, SightSpeed, Yahoo Messenger, Apple iChat AV, MSN Messenger, Vibephone, AIM Video IM. While his reporting is much based on other media accounts and published information, he does give a good intro to this fascinating new breed of real-time collaboration tools which make up the core of my unique Online Conferencing Guide. As a matter of fact, David leaves out a good number of the newer and more interesting tools in this area, starting with Convoq ASAP, and continuining with Session, iVisit, VoiceCafe,, IsoSpace, Linkitivity WebDemo, Marratech, Userplane, 3DA Multimedia and several other new and effective videoconferencing solutions. To participate in his tests and to contribute your own views expect more news on his column by Monday.



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