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Saturday, April 3, 2004

Become A Digital Media Reporter

Digital Media News for Europe is a new online resource devoted specifically to new media in the old continent. Focusing mainly on news and reporting the new digital media clearinghouse for Europe has different sections devoted to Internet & e-commerce, itv, DTV, Streaming, Internet Access, Mobile and Wireless, Govt & Regs, Telecoms and Tech & IT. Headlines feeds are available for free syndication on other sites and full RSS feeds are leveraged as a premium service. DM Europe is presently looking for editors and reporting contributors for its different content and country-based sections. Specifically, DM Europe is interested in hard news on digital media, technology or telecoms from a tech, business or policy perspective as well as essays and editorial pieces on similar topics. To become a DMeurope editor, you simply have to be interested in digital media and have a knowledge and understanding of the digital media world. You can choose to be a country - or regional - editor, or an industry editor, depending on your interests, and on where you live. The benefits of becoming an editor are: a) Getting a personal editors' page, b) the opportunity to build up a portfolio of work, c) your news stories, and your views and opinion, read by senior managers and decision-makers across Europe's digital media sector. For more information on becoming a DMeurope editor e-mail



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