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Friday, April 2, 2004

Why Content Management Systems Work (When Given To The Right People)

Jeffrey Veen offers an excellent overview of why many content managementsystem solutions fail inside large organizations: "All publications require editorial expertise. Few companies are publishing companies; most provide other kinds of goods and services. Yet over the last few years, every company has found that it must build and maintain what is essentially a constantly updated publication: a corporate Web site.

a) Publishing is a skill set that most organizations have never needed, but one that's integral to producing a quality site.

b) To succeed, you must separate content and process from software. Serving a Web site is a technology issue, so IT should manage it, right? Wrong. Would you let the printing press operator be involved in your editorial process? Of course not.

c) Put editors in charge. You need an editorial staff in place to make the content on your site as interesting and consistent as it can be. That staff may just be one executive editor, but nothing should go online without that person's approval. As your Web strategy grows, so too should that staff."



Jeffrey Veen -
Reference: Adaptive Path [ Read more ]
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