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Friday, April 2, 2004

Context-Based Advertising: Through RSS, Highly Targeted Opt-In Is Just Around The Corner

One-Shot Searching Is Over: Publish And Subscribe Approach To Gain Momentum. This is a must-read essay from one of the few players in this field that shows to see and well understand where we are actually headed. Bob Wyman writes in his blog: ".."online advertising, especially contextual advertising, is evolving rapidly." Because a subscription to a search-based RSS feed implies a "persistent" personal interest in some kind of content, whatever targeted and relevant contextual info promoting products or services in that niche, can only be seen as a valuable and useful addition. "Publish/Subscribe systems, by collecting explicit statements from subscribers about the content they wish to see, are able to deliver targeted content much more effectively and accurately than the existing alternatives can."..."Context based advertising is a major step in the direction of providing advertisers with effective methods of targeting while also reducing the burden of advertising on users. The goal of modern, context-based advertising practice can be summed up as: "Display no ad that the user is not happy to see." While the traditional search services have focused on providing one-shot searches of their historical collections, publish/subscribe services provide the ability to create "persistent" queries or subscriptions to new content as it is posted to the Internet. Those who only have a passing interest in a subject are likely to limit their searches to the traditional search engines, but those who have a persistent, long-term interest in a subject are likely to subscribe to a service (likely an RSS feed) ... so that they can be kept up to date on the latest information that interests them. ...If advertising is provided in the results to persistent searches and if the delivered ads are strictly revelant to the search terms, the effect is almost as though the user had subscribed to the ads themselves! Think of it as "opt-in" for finely targeted advertising!



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