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Monday, March 22, 2004

Virus Epidemic Scours The Internet

"A new Internet worm wriggled across the entire Internet in the span of a few hours Saturday morning to all computers running several recent versions of firewall software from Internet Security Systems, including BlackICE and RealSecure, according to this story at The flaw exploited was discovered Wednesday by eEye Digital Security. The worm overwrites data on the first few sectors of the victim's hard drive, making the machine virtually ubootable and potentially destroying much - if not all - of the victim's data." and also: "Numerous journals, such as Mac Daily News and The Motley Fool, are reporting that the latest versions of the Beagle/Bagle virus can infect users' computers whether or not they open an attachment. Apparently, the simple act of selecting the message activates the code. Given that you have to select an E-mail to delete it, how are users supposed to protect themselves from this one?". eEye had recently (March 9th) given proof of Symantec own suite of security software set of flaws, which has been placing a very large number of computer users in the hands of malicious hackers. (If you use Norton security and antivirus tools for your computer protection you have been warned.)



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