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Saturday, March 13, 2004

The New News: Tuning Content To Context

"News in itself was not deemed to be powerful enough to attract readers on a daily basis. News is changing. While we share a common definition and derivation with our readers, the reality is that our respective expectations of what matters, what is significant, important, relevant and compelling, are becoming increasingly polarized. Consumption of information is not in decline. Indeed, all the evidence points to the contrary: that we are increasingly hungry for information about the things that matter to us. We need to think a lot harder about what constitutes news. News needs to be more tuned to personal priorities and this means journalists moving from "wide audience, low relevance" stories to ones with low audience but greater relevance. Context drives content and content drives consumption. As a consequence of this transformation, the capability of tuning content to context will reach new levels of sophistication. The challenge will be for publishers to refocus their newsrooms on what is truly important, rather than what is communicable. The new News will not be very glamorous. But the new News is what media consumers will pay for."



Jim Chisholm -
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