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Monday, March 8, 2004

New Search Tools Help Organize The Net In Different Views

A crop of new technologies designed to produce more sophisticated search results is challenging Google's market leader position. Eurekster, offers users "personalized" responses based on how long they perused various Web sites the last time they performed a similar search. The idea is, if someone finds a particular result valuable, it floats up to the top of the list on the next search. That same site may figure prominently in results delivered to designated friends of the original searcher as well. Upcoming plans from the same company target now the marketing of a more specialized product -- search engines designed for particular topics. "You'll be able to have different views of the Internet," says Ryan. Other challengers are targeting geographically localized searches in their efforts to personalize results. Groxis Inc. is taking a different tack by adding value to the Google's search results through its Grokker search organization software. Grokker takes Google's results and categorizes them into groups displayed on the screen as bubbles.



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