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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Queryster: Simplifies Seach By Aggregating Search Results

"Queryster is a great tool for searching multiple search engines. Simply type in your search term and select your preferred search engine. The cool thing about. If you want to carry out another query on another search engine, just click your choice and hit return. The intitial selection is for 10 search engines, though you can customise this from a list of 25." You can use Queryster both to get search results from different search engines while comparing them and also to rapidly check if your site is included in major search engines databases. An advanced search page allows to submit queries also to the major directories and to the Usenet newsgroups universe. Last but not least, an interesting floating Web search (Botlet), bringing together all of Queryster multi-search engine capabilities, can be easily integrated into any Web page as a minimalist but highly effective search tool.



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