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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Anonymous Surfing: How To Hide Your IP

Do you want to obtain maximum privacy while surfing certain online destinations? The "IP Address Changer" allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers.

A small dropdown box appears on your Internet Explorer toolbar with a list of 15 foreign countries. Select one and your IP address will change so that you appear to be located as if your browsing session was originating from that country.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with trying to keep your IP address private for the right reasons.

If there is any question, you should consult with a legal advisor to determine if your intended use is illegal. Yes, using proxy servers is legal.

IP Address Changer does not do anything that Microsoft Corporation does not make inherently possible in Internet Explorer. It just simplifies the process for the average user.

This software, like any other privacy tool, is intended to be used in a responsible manner for purposes of increasing online privacy of legitimate users who prefer that their IP address not be displayed on public Web sites.



Reference: PrivacyTools
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2010-05-01 06:33:57

Hide IP

I use
It has a free trial and you can test it before pay.
Im really happy with it.
Test it

2009-11-30 11:54:33


A lot of proxy sites are not working or Ip was banned. We have setup a proxy network that is changing IP addreses and names and you can access free any site, unblock myspace and Bebo or even youtube and watch movies with no problem.

All free and anoymous wit web proxy like:

or go direct to proxy network.


2009-01-14 23:36:39


Here is a good product that I have found which hides your IP -

2008-05-07 05:39:22

Ken Sommers

i am still having problems regarding the hiding of IP.. i need help

2007-08-20 14:23:17


New Site!
Add to your favorites.

2007-05-01 14:41:45

TZG Sniper

Here is a few more proxy sites I found:

2007-01-22 20:14:56





2006-12-26 03:00:49

Stanley Gerrardo

I found this intersting little bugger. Looks like a hardware IP hiding box with encryption...

2005-08-27 00:28:16

I don't understend this webside please maked more clear

2005-02-25 01:00:25


my bad... i forgot to include the url... haha :)

here it is:
(one-time payment of 19.95 USD)

2005-02-25 00:58:27


you could just click on
--Privacy Tools
at the end of the post, or just click my url button

2005-01-14 21:58:33

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I came accross this other IP Cloaker, however, You can not post to forums using it unless you pay them. Otherwise it appears to work great.
Give it a try and check out my sweepstakes site!

2004-12-24 22:10:56


You didnt post a url where we can download the "IP Address Changer"

2004-12-19 17:16:34



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