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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Top 75 Security Tools

Here is a great list of security tools that can be used to detect, monitor, report, track and identify issues and problems relating to your online/network privacy and security. Recommended.



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2004-10-22 03:49:01

Dr. LeRoy A. Stone

Since a goodly part of the present discussion is focused upon the matter of security clearances, readers might be expected to have interest in the following information. Recently, a psychological type 'test' was developed that accurately predicts success/failure to be eventually granted high-level security clearance status for those being (or who expect to be) processed/adjudicated for same by the government. This 'test' is the Personnel Security Standards Psychological Questionnaire (PSSPQ) and it is based upon research conducted by a very seasoned psychologist who, several years ago, retired from his 24 years of federal service when he was the Chief Research Psychologist in the USA's then largest intelligence agency. Information regarding the PSSPQ, and how to be administered this instrument, can be found at:

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