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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Can E-Mail Survive?

42 percent of the 500 American small businesses it surveyed said they would actually consider abandoning e-mail for business correspondence if the spam situation worsens. Not that today's antispam tools are useless. Many can stop a good portion of the junk mail streaming into your in-box, typically using some sort of intelligent filtering. But they can't stop it all. Spammers change their tactics just as quickly as the antispam vendors improve their filters. And there's always the danger that their filters will block important, legitimate messages. Spam looks too much like regular mail to be stopped by filters alone. In this article following pages more than 40 e-mail products are reviewed, from clients that help you keep your in-box clutter-free and organized to Web-based services that let you access e-mail from anywhere, spam blockers that help you stop the junk before it reaches your in-box, and mail servers that try to make the whole process more manageable--all the tools you'll need to tackle modern e-mail problems.



Reference: PC Magazine [ Read more ]
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