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Sunday, September 3, 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 68

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  1. Web-based platform lets you organize and access your media files from anywhere on the web
  2. Create file sharing platforms for groups of people
  3. Chat with other people viewing the same site as you through the Firefox browser
  4. Send instant voice messages to mobile phones from your mobile and from the Internet
  5. Software that you can install on your mobile phone to chat and send text messages for free within a community
  6. Online collaboration system which allows you to display synchronized PowerPoint slides and web conferences
  7. Manage your Google Calendar offline directly from your desktop
  8. Web service that shows you the geographic location of your buddies and lets you send instant messages to them
  9. Website that gives exposure to the work of independent filmmakers and producer and allows them to create video channels
  10. Contextual advertising service that pays webmasters up to 85% of the advertising revenues

Sharewood Picnic is the weekly collection of the most interesting new media tools and resources selected and reviewed by Robin Good and Livia Iacolare.

  1. Myfabrik


    Myfabrik is a web-based platform that lets you organize and access your media files from anywhere on the web. Myfabrik provides a quick and easy way to insert your media into other websites. You can not only insert plain photos, but also create slide shows and music players. When you want to share your media files Myfabrik automatically generates the required HTML code. All you need to do is select the content and then cut and paste the code into the webpage that you are creating. Myfabrik does not require you to install any special software on your computer. It is accessible through a web browser on any computer that runs Internet Explorer or Firefox. Free sign up.

    grou-ps_logo.gif allows you to create file sharing platforms for groups of people. You can share anything (photos, text, locations, bookmarks, videos, blog posts, to-do lists, calendars). You just need to specify your favourite service providers (for example: Flickr for photos, for bookmarks, etc.), then will fetch and filtrate your data, re-format and make it online. is completely free to use.

  3. Peekko
    Peekko lets you chat with other people viewing the same site as you through the Firefox browser. By default, Peekko connects to a chat server when Firefox loads. As you surf the web, Peekko queries the chat server for a channel based on the website you are viewing. You can join that channel and chat with other users who are at the same site. Free download.

  4. Pinger
    Pinger is a service that lets you send instant voice messages to mobile phones. Pinger is currently available only for North American mobile providers, but you can still send and receive messages from Pinger web interface, even if you don't have any mobile number. You simply need to log in with your email and a four digits pin of your choice: Pinger will send you a confirmation email and you will be enabled to log in as a guest. You can send a Pinger message to anyone with an email address. If they're registered Pinger members, they'll get a notification on their phone, email or both. If they're not registered, they'll get an email. During the beta period, the use of Pinger is completely free.

  5. Nimbuzz
    Nimbuzz is a software that you can install on your mobile phone to chat and send text messages for free within the Nimbuzz community. You can also chat with your buddies from other communities like MSN and Google Talk. To chat, or to have your buddies read your text message, you'll need a compatible phone (check the compatibility) and a GPRS and/or UMTS dataplan with your mobile operator. Free sign up.

  6. Instantstream
    Instantstream is a web communications service that provides "Streamphone", a system which has audio and video features and allows you to display synchronized PowerPoint slides, perform group calling and sales presentations, collaboration, chat and specialized web conferencing services for 1-12 presenters. Streamphone can broadcast to more than 5.000 viewers. Check out the list of the subscription plans, starting from Video+Audio at $0.20 per minute (Audio only comes at $0.06 per minute). If you register for a free account you will get $10 free minutes.

  7. Calgoo
    Calgoo is a software that allows you to manage your Google Calendar offline. Your calendars and schedules are brought to the desktop where you can easily search, filter and organize them. Calgoo synchronizes your Google Calendar information with your desktop for easy offline access and will be soon available for mobile devices. Calgoo improves calendar sharing and makes it easier for you to collaborate with your friends, colleagues, family and social groups. Free download.

  8. radiusIM
    radiusIM is a free web service that shows you where your buddies are and lets you send instant messages to them. Once you sign up, simply login to radiusIM and choose your geographic location. Your friends will show up on the friends list as icons on a map. You can message your friends on MSN, AOL and Yahoo! Messenger. RadiusIM is a completely browser-based application and requires a Javascript enabled browser, which can be either Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+ or Safari 1.2+. Free to use.

  9. Dovetail
    Dovetail is a service that gives exposure to the work of independent filmmakers and producers. On Dovetail videomakers can increase their exposure by launching their own independent TV show and by creating a branded channel. The audience will see all film in DVD or high definition format just as their producers conceived and directed them. Free sign up, both for audiences and for producers.

  10. Clicksor
    Clicksor is a contextual advertising service that allows you to display your advertisement only on relevant web pages and pay per click search engines. This advertising service is set on an auction model (cost per visit, cost per click and pay per click) where you may bid for placement ranking. Clicksor will pay webmasters up to 85% of the advertising revenues to place contextual ads on their websites or blogs. Payments are dispersed on a bi-weekly basis. Free sign up.

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