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Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 53

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Photo credit: Podius

  1. Videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service offers you a free blog
  2. Video sharing community whose content is raised by user's ratings
  3. Online photo editor enables you to edit and add special effects to your images within your browser
  4. Web-based group email application allows you to send email to a group and manage them online
  5. Post snapshots taken with a webcam directly onto your web site
  6. Generate printed copies of the content you publish on your blog and sell them online
  7. Online file storage and sharing service allows easy-to-do file uploading and organizing
  8. Web-based mapping service allows you to create an interactive world map and publish it onto your web site
  9. CRM tool facilitates project management, file sharing and customer support
  10. Email service that offers a free 30 GB mailbox with all the basic functionalities
  11. Leave online notes that you can send to and from your mobile phone
  12. Online back-up provider allows you to store your data and synchronizes periodically with your hard drive
  13. Web-based CRM and administration system allows you to access to your data from any browser

The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the most interesting new media tools and resources I have run into during my daily research and online explorations. It brings you more of these tools and web services that facilitate open interaction, free sharing and the ability to exchange with like-minded individuals.

This week too I have a great list of new media gems that can enable and enhance anyone's ability to inform oneself and to communicate more effectively with others in many new and innovative ways.

  1. Blip


    Blip is a videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service. When you register with Blip you get your own blog, whose web address will look like "". Once you upload your videos, you can easily publish them on other web sites. Blip works better with a modern browser like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 6. Recommended operative systems are Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.3. Free to use.

  2. vSocial
    vSocial is a video clip sharing community that enables you to upload your videos and embed them into any web site. vSocial is a video clip site that is similar to or like those sites, favorites (or as they call it "talked about") clips are chosen by popularity. You can subscribe to new clips or talked about clips via RSS. The videos are all hosted on vSocial servers and are organized by tags. Free to use.

  3. ImageEditor
    ImageEditor is a web-based photo editor with a very easy to use interface. ImageEditor allows you to resize and crop images, apply several filters and add special effects. ImageEditor works only with Internet Explorer and similiar browsers such as Maxthon and AvantBrowser. Completely free to use.

  4. 9cays
    9cays is a fully web-based group email application that enables you to start a conversation between a group of people. The conversation can be viewed and managed via their web application. If you don't want to sign up to 9cays, you can instantly start a conversation with up to three participants right from the homepage. If you signup, you can invite more people into the conversation and expose other features. 9cays is free to use.

  5. BloggerSnap
    BloggerSnap is a tool which allows your visitors to easily post on your blog or website a snapshot taken with their webcam. Different gallery options are available, in order to store the snapshots posted and to display them. BloggerSnap offers integration with major blog engines such as Blogger, WordPress and DotClear. Free to use.

  6. BlogPrinting
    BlogPrinting provides a simple way for your online readers to purchase printed copies of the content you publish on your blogs. BlogPrinting generates a link for your site, allowing your readers to easily purchase a printed perfect bound copy of your blog. You can print content published on Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress and other compatible platforms. A 30 pages black and white book starts with $7.58. Check out the FAQs for the complete price chart.

  7. ZeeMaps
    ZeeMaps is a web-based service that enables you to create interactive maps. Maps are stored on ZeeMaps server, and accessible anytime, anywhere from a web browser. Once you register, you can set up groups and give member password to the people you want to share your maps with. You are allowed to upload a CSV file of contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel. You can publish a map on your own web site by embedding some HTML code in your web page. ZeeMaps is free to use.

  8. 30Gigs
    30Gigs is a service that offers you a 30 GB mailbox. 30Gigs provides several features such as mail filtering, address book, integrated search engine and a function that allows you to know from which country the mail was originated by displaying a Google map. 30Gigs is free to use.

  9. Putfwd
    Putfwd is a free online file storage and sharing service. Putfwd offers 1GB of free storage and 5GB of free bandwidth per month. Putfwd allows easy-to-do file uploading and organizing: you can mark files private, share them with friends, family and other groups, or set them public for all to see. Putfwd also enables you to send files by email without attaching the file itself (faster, and more reliable for large files). You can publish your files as blogs, podcasts, photo galleries, and more. Putfwd offers two basic accounts for free:
    1. 1GB of storage

    2. 5GB of bandwidth per month

    Plus and Pros plans are available.

  10. Posticky
    Posticky is a service that enables you to leave online notes that are available from anywhere in the world. You can send notes to and from your mobile phone and even check Posticky notes from your mobile at Posticky also allows you to send notes to others via email and set alarms and reminders for your notes. Free to use.

  11. Allmydata
    Allmydata is an online back-up provider offering simple and secure back-ups for all of your computer's files. Allmydata provides file storage and sharing for your e-mail, photos, music, movies and more. Features include: easy uploading and backup, data protection from crashes and viruses and remote access to your files. You can either copy your files to Allmydata, securely stored and never updated or backup them: in the latter case, Allmydata will check your local file periodically for changes you make to it and update it accordingly. For every 10 MB on your hard drive you share, you get 1 MB of space on Allmydata. The complete list of all Allmydata's paid storage plans is available. Allmydata requires download and works on Windows XP and Windows 2000.

  12. vtiger
    vtiger is an open source CRM business solution vtiger CRM includes sales force automation, customer support and service, marketing automation, inventory management, multiple database support, security management, product customization, calendars, e-mail integration and several add-ons (Outlook Plug-in, Office Plug-in, Thunderbird Extension, Customer Self-Service Portal, and Web Forms). Vtiger requires download and works on Windows, Linux and LAMP/WAMP. Free to use.

  13. 24SevenOffice
    24SevenOffice is a web-based CRM and administration system with all the modules residing on a web server. With 24SevenOffice, anybody from anywhere around the world can access this system to set up and run their company - and all you need is a simple browser. Features include project management tools, web-publishing, calendars, file and email management. The Start+ plan costs $5.00 per month for up to three users, while the full Premium plan comes at $50.00 per month for up t o10 users. Check out the complete price chart.

Robin Good and Livia Iacolare -
Readers' Comments    
2006-05-28 20:31:00


Hi Robin Good,

Thank you selecting vtiger as one of your favorite applications for week 53.

I thought, you may be interested to know that we are completely redesigning the existing user interface with more dynamic controls using AJAX and other Web 2.0 widgets in our next major release (v5.0).


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