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Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 52

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Photo credit: Neil Paskin

  1. Video sharing platform allows you to publish videos and broadcast them from your website
  2. Record, mix and broadcast your podcasts and get free storage for them
  3. Music delivery and distribution service allows you to sell your music online
  4. Talking translator enables you to translate any text sentence into a spoken phrase in another language of choice
  5. Online collaboration tool for business teams to manage projects and share information
  6. Create online photo books and add music and animations to them
  7. Send your postal letters from the Internet anywhere in the world
  8. Web-based mapping and searching service allows you to view road maps and satellite images
  9. Automatic generator of RSS feeds sends email alerts for any web page on the internet
  10. Storage, sharing and publishing space for your digital pictures
  11. Online team collaboration platform lets you create, organize and share your web applications with others over the Internet
  12. Collaborative research community connects researchers in different fields through the Interet
  13. Send messages from the web to any MSN Messenger without needing to give your contact

Sharewood Picnic is my weekly opportunity to share the best and newest new media picks I have discovered in this last seven days.

I recommend you try and test some of the resources listed below, as I believe they can offer some true unique benefits in terms of more effective communication, networking, collaboration and sharing but also in their ability to help you discover like-minded individuals and organizations around the world.

  1. SelfcastTV


    SelfcastTV allows you to upload and share your videos, search for and download others. As a SelfcastTV user, you will also be able to embed your video files into other websites such has MySpace, eBay, Xanga and BritJournal. Users will soon be enabled to publish videos direct from their mobile as well being able to download content to their iPod or PSP. Free to use.

  2. Gcast
    Gcast is a service that enables you to record, mix and broadcast your podcasts. You can record messages by phone, upload MP3 files from your computer, add songs from GarageBand and mix all the above with Gcast online playlist manager. Gcast will store your media and automatically generate the RSS feed that enables listeners to access to your podcast channel. Gcast is completely free to use.

  3. TuneCore
    TuneCore is a music delivery and distribution service that gets music that you created (even cover versions) up for sale on online stores without asking for your rights or taking any money from the sale or use of your music. At the moment, you can sell your music on iTunes U.S., iTunes Canada, iTunes Japan, iTunes U.K./Europe, iTunes Australia, Rhapsody, MusicNet, Napster. You get 100% of what these online stores pay. Free sign up.

  4. Polly Glotto
    Polly Glotto is a website that provides a text-to-speech translator. Polly Glotto reads and translates text to into 11 different languages (English, Dutch, Chinese, Catalan, Italian, Greek, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish): you only need to select a language among the provided ones and type in the text you want to be translated. The service is completely free to use.

  5. Central Desktop
    Central Desktop is a web-based collaboration tool for business teams to manage projects, share information and communicate with others. You can store files and documents in a Centralized File Manager that everyone can access from any location. Central Desktop is completely web-based and there is no software to install or download. Central Desktop offers Team plans and Company plans: subscription for Team plans start from a free plan with 25 MB storage, a $25/mo plan (250 MB) and $49/mo plan (500 MB). Company plans are available at $99/mo (1000MB) and $249/mo (3000MB).

  6. Funtigo
    Funtigo provides a photo sharing service where members can create a customized online photo album and share it as a website. With Funtigo you can create your online photo scrapbook and design each album or web page the way you want it: feel free to add text, music, backgrounds, cliparts, or animated text balloons; you can move or resize your pictures right on the page. Funtigo is completely free to use.

  7. Shinyletter
    Shinyletter is a service that allows you to send your postal letters from the Internet. Once you type your letter, the system automatically prints it and delivers it from the mailing location that is closer to the recipient. Pricing starts at just US$2.00 for a 4 page letter anywhere the US Postal Service delivers to in the world.

  8. Atlas
    Atlas is a web-based mapping and searching service that allows you to view road maps and satellite images. With Atlas you can explore the globe and find what your looking from movies to parking or restauraunts. You can create routes and email directions to your favorite locations to your family and friends. Lowest gas prices and latest traffic conditions are available to registered users. Free to use.

  9. Feedwhip
    Feedwhip is a service that detects changes to web pages. Feedwhip sends notifications to your email account whenever the change matches criteria you specify. If you are a webmaster, Feedwhip will keep track of changes to your website, and then send emails to your subscribers. You only need to put a Feedwhip button on your web page. Feedwhip works with just about every web page on the internet, whether or not it provides a RSS feed. Free to use.

  10. Photobucket
    Photobucket provides a simple service that enables you to store, share and publish your visual digital content online. Images and videos can be directly linked from Photobucket to any site, including popular sites like MySpace, eBay, LiveJournal, Xanga, Friendster, and Neopets. Free to use.

  11. Starterbase
    Starterbase lets you create and share web applications like a CRM database, a bug tracking system, a to-do list or a product catalog without any coding knowledge. You share your application by inviting users to your account, or you can share it on a website. Application data can be exported in a variety of formats (such as RSS, XML, and SQL), and you can import from a lot of different formats, including Microsoft Excel. Starterbase basic account is free to use. You can upgrade at any time to the Pro Account, which contains more features and costs $49.99 (USD) per year.

  12. Complore
    Complore is social research space that connects researchers around the world and allows them to share articles, lectures, papers and events. Complore provides students, faculty, technical experts and outstanding scholars an opportunity to work in professional collaboration with each other. Complore also offers a common space for students to comment research materials including their own. By exchanging and building upon each others' ideas, students are encouraged to work and learn together. Join it for free.

  13. Web2Messenger
    Web2Messenger is a service that allows people to send messages from the web to MSN Messenger accounts. Web2Messenger function is to allow website owners or simple users to get instant feedback from other people as an alternative to e-mail - which requires either revealing your e-mail address to potential spammers or creating email forms. You can redirect people to your personal "Send Message" page on Web2Messenger site, or create your own "Send Message" page on your blog or personal website. To use Web2Messenger you must have a .NET Passport and a .NET Messenger client like MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Trillian, GAIM, MSN Web Messenger. Free to use.

Robin Good and Livia Iacolare -
Readers' Comments    
2008-08-21 16:34:57


Hi Robin,

Allow me to quickly introduce myself. My name's Tia and I'm the Community Manager for Central Desktop. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for adding us to your list of media picks and saying such kind and complimentary things! I realize you posted this list 2 years ago, but I couldn't resist commenting. Hey... it's never 2 late to say Thank You, right?

Have a good one!


Oh yeah, CD is now on Facebook and Twitter.
...check us out when you have a moment...


2007-11-13 03:28:10

California Jerry

Hi Robin,

I was wondering if you could include a review of SourceForge's Epiware program? How does it compare to Central Desktop?

I like the configuration and features of CentralDesktop, but I don't like the fact that the data remains on their server and their tech support can be rather expensive.

The disadvantage to Epiware is that you must have root access to your server. In other words you won't be able to install it on your shared hosting account.

I'm looking into the possibility of installing Epiware on top of a JSAS installation which runs an Apache server on your Windows home machine.

Do you know of any other open source collaboration tools similar to Epiware and Central Desktop?

2006-05-15 14:19:19


Complore is a good apptempt to bring researchers together. Great UI and great idea !!!

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