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Sunday, March 5, 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 42

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Here is a new basket full of new media delicacies for your Sharewood Picnic.

Once again I have gotten a great bunch of interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have run into during my daily research and explorations. All these new media gems can enable and fuel anyone's ability to inform oneself and to communicate more effectively with others in new and innovative ways.

Photo credit: Olga Shelego

Here is what I have found:

  1. Web "listings" clearinghouse supporting all RSS-enabled websites

  2. Mobile-phone-based photo and video sharing service

  3. Code creation software for mobile phones to send complex info in a snap

  4. Personal virtual yearbook collects information and rich content in one online place

  5. Animated avatars for Skype

  6. Web-based text chat service sets integrates meetings management, invitations and transcripts archives

  7. Video clips clearinghouse serves gossipy, untraditional and graphic content

  8. Podcast directory creates one podcast feed for all your favourite shows

  9. Online social bookmark manager specializes in traditional bookmarks management and archival

  10. Open-source Linux software provides full DVR/PVR capabilities

  11. New image search engine

  1. edgeio

    edgeio dynamically organizes listings published from RSS enabled websites. edgeio dynamically organizes "listings" published from RSS enabled websites making them discoverable via the edgeio website and through an open set of web services. No more listing fees, complicated forms to fill in, and struggling to keep content synchronized across multiple websites. Just post it, use appropriate tags, and edgeio takes care of the rest. A blogger can publish an item for sale and have it listed on edgeio within a matter of seconds. An auto dealer with an RSS enabled website can publish their inventory in real-time to edgeio's network. Using tags indicating location, realtors can reach buyers in specific communities around the world. Podcasters and video bloggers, can use tags to describe their work making it easily discoverable in the edgeio network of websites. Buyers can use edgeio to:
    • Search items by geography
    • Filter listings by tag
    • See information on the blogger or publisher of the listing
    • Contact the publisher by email

  2. ShoZu

    ShoZu is a quick and simple way to share photos, videos and text using your mobile phone. ShoZu is a mobile phone service that helps you save photos and videos from your camera phone to an online sharing site with a one-click upload. ShoZu supports flickr, Buzznet, and Webshots. The ShoZu phone application allows you to:
    • add descriptions
    • add tags
    • email photos and videos to your friends directly from your phone
    • view recent visitor comments on your sharing site directly on your phone

  3. ConnexTo

    ConnexTo is an innovative software for mobile phones that allows you to create graphic codes that can be stored, sent and shared with others and which simplify access to specific information and online content. With ConnexTo you can create codes that can save you a great deal of time when needing to punch in lots of information. For example: 1. URLs to access WAP or web sites, 2. SMS messages with phone numbers to auto-dial, 3. your contact information. Once you have downloaded the free software ConnexTo gives your camera phone the ability to scan codes that link you directly to a web site, save someone's contact details, or instantly download games and ringtones. Use the WAP browser on your phone and go to to download the application to supported phones. Free standard membership.

  4. Plum

    Plum is a virtual yearbook that allows you to collect information into one place, minus the cutting and pasting. You can collect almost anything from web pages, blog posts, pictures, emails, and feeds and then share them with your family and friends. Plum automatically links you to collections that are similar to yours, be they blogs, photo albums, research, mash ups, and more. You can also collect other people's collections. Plus is currenlty in private beta. Public beta coming soon.

  5. CrazyTalk for Skype

    CrazyTalk for Skype is an advanced instant avatar communication tool that makes animated avatars come to life on your Skype video chats. You can disguise yourself as a rock star or princess, for example, or any customized animated character during Skype video calls. Your avatar can even lip-sync anything you say instantly. Further personalize the conversation with sounds, emotions, and visual effects. Free.

  6. Zoho Chat

    Zoho Chat is a web-based service that is unlike a conventional chat service because it does not require the presence of all participants at the same time. Members can create and schedule a conversation or meeting on the Zoho Chat service. An email invitation is then sent to participants (who need not be registered members of Zoho Chat) with the topic title and time of meeting. These participants can join the meeting or conversation by clicking the link on their email message. Users can archive discussions and share them with friends or colleagues that could not participate in the conversation at the designated time. Free.

  7. Your Daily Media

    Yourdailymedia is a website that collects video clips, comments and other popular, gossipy and scandalistic content. The content ranges from the humorous to the ludicrous and it includes Tv clips captured from popular US shows. Content can also be very graphic and disturbing. Free.


    podfeed_logo.gif is a podcast directory that helps you find podcasts, read and write podcast reviews, listen to podcasts and share your podcast with others. allows you to add your podcast to their service and also eliminates having to manage multiple podcast feeds by signing up to myPODFEED service. myPODFEED service gives you the ability to create a single custom feed of all the podcasts you're interested in. Members can choose to allow other users to browse and subscribe to their custom feeds as well. Free.

  9. IKeepBookmarks

    iKeepBookmarks is a web-based bookmark manager that allows users to create accounts and upload, download, and manage bookmarks and favorite links. You can make your account public so that anyone can access your bookmarks without becoming a member. Professionals such as managers or teachers can use iKeepBookmarks as a collaboration tool by creating folders of bookmarks for employees or students to access. There is also a pop-up feature that allows you to add links while surfing the web. Free.

  10. MythTV

    MythTV is an open source software that brings basic 'live-tv' functionality to your PC using a TV tuner card component. Features include:
    • Pause/Fast Forward/Rewind
    • Multiple simultaneous recording of your favorite programs
    • Completely automatic commercial detection/skipping
    • A fully themeable menu that displays program information
    • Basic video editing abilities
    • Picture in picture support
    • Electronic program guide and program finder
    • Scheduled recordings of TV programs
    • Rip, categorize, play, and visualize MP3/CD Audio files
    • Create complex playlists (and playlists containing playlists)
    • Supports RSS
    MythTV is a Linux application. Free.

  11. Ask Pictures Search

    Ask Pictures Search is a new image search engine component part of the news search service. Ask Pictures Search enables you to find any image posted on the web ranging from animation, magazine covers, geographical maps, celebrity photos, and more. Free.

Readers' Comments    
2006-03-08 10:01:20

Steven Kraal

Hi Luigi,

I have to say that I always check out your sharewood Picnic! Great stuff...and good luck with the new design...

I started a charity shopping portal in Holland recently...very nice, people who buy things through this site ( automaticly donate a % to their selected charity fund.

2006-03-07 17:06:23

Memo Cordova

Great list, as always. I can count on your awesome selection of new and emerging tools to broaden my knowledge. Thanks for sharing a most delicious picnic!

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