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Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 40

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Here is a new basket full of delicacies for our weekend Sharewood Picnic.

New media resources and tools gathered during the past 10-15 days await your testing and validation before everyone else hears about them. Here are in fact what I consider the most interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have run into during my daily research and explorations.

Photo credit: Jurgita Genyte

This week too I have a great list of new media gems that can enable, augment, enhance anyone's ability to inform oneself and to communicate more effectively with others in many new and innovative ways.

Here is what I have found:

  1. Skype calling from standard mobile phones

  2. Social bookmarking service shares your gems with your preferred buddy list

  3. Social bookmarking with advanced features and private saving of Web pages

  4. New mashups reporting service

  5. RSS feed management, publishing and easy re-syndication

  6. Photo management, uploading and data backup from PC and mobile

  7. Contextual ad promotion for same-topic news feeds and blogs

  8. Multilingual social networking platform

  9. Search engine for developers

  10. Newsmastering tool creates tag-thematic delicious links lists for syndication

  1. EQO

    EQO is a plugin that allows you to call and receive calls from your Skype buddies on your mobile phone. To use EQO, you will need a Skype user account with SkypeOut credits, a broadband connection, Windows XP/2000 and a mobile phone with a data plan. Unlike traditional phone calling, which requires the use of phone numbers, Eqo allows its users to see the presence status of her Skype buddies effectively taking mobile phone to a next level of usability and efficiency. Currently, EQO supports the following mobile phone models:
    1. Audiovox
    2. Motorola
    3. Nokia
    4. Palm
    5. RMI (BlackBerry)
    6. Samsung
    7. Siemens
    8. Sony Ericsson
    9. PPC 6600
    10. SMT 5600

    You need to download and install the EQO Beta version in order to create your own EQO account. A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone for final confirmation that the service is up and working. Free.

  2. BuddyMarks

    buddymarks_logo.gif is a new online social bookmarking service allowing anyone to freely archive and share her preferred bookmarks on-line while allowing you to access them again from anywhere there is an Internet connection. BuddyMarks also allows users to easily upload the favorites they have already collected in their browser. To add new ones it is as easy as bookmarking a new site from your standard browser. BuddyMarks provides a simple to use browser-based bookmarklet that can be clicked anytime you find a web page you would like to bookmark; just click the bookmarklet, decide what folder you want to put it in and click "add". By default, your bookmarks are all privately stored, but when you choose to, you can share some or all of your favorites with any selected group of friends or with the world at large. Free to use.

  3. Magnolia

    Launched Feb.15th Ma.gnolia is a new social bookmarking tool with well-thought-out features like Saved Copies (so you never lose a web page, even if it moves or goes offline), Bookmark Ratings, Bookmark Privacy, Groups and a Linkroll. It allows importing of all of your existing bookmarks and creates automatic thumbnails for all web pages saved. Free to use with some ads. Ad-free Pro version coming up next.

  4. Mashup Feed

    Want to know who has got the latest Web 2.0 mashup? Wish to stay up-to-date with what today's smart coders and geeks can do when they remix live web applications and data services online? Mashup Feed comes to the rescue by providing immediate notifications of any new mashup as it is added to the Mashup and API databases at ProgrammableWeb. Mashup Feed is already showcasing a total of 155 APIs, 432 among masgups and examples and an average of 2.73 new mashups per day. RSS feed available. Free to use.

  5. RapidFeeds

    RapidFeeds is an online web-based service, which provides complete RSS feed management solutions to publishers and webmasters. RapidFeeds provides the tools for creating, managing and tracking RSS feeds automatically and without any technical know how. rapidfeeds allows you to instantly create, edit and publish RSS feeds with a simple web-based wizard, to update and manage published RSS feeds online without the need to reupload anything, to track your RSS feed circulation including feed hits and specific news items clickthrough. On top of this RapidFeeds allows you to add file enclosures to your RSS feed for audio podcasting as well as for other information sharing uses.and it automatically pings all the major feed directories as soon as you make any updates. Not only. A new companion service called RapidFeeds MySite allows you to add a simple button to your website or blog and let others re-syndicate your content instantly. MySite (Beta) gives publishers the freedom to distribute and get their RSS feeds syndicated on other websites, while allowing webmasters to fully customize the look and feel of the RSS content displayed.

  6. Sharpcast

    Sharpcast Photos allows your mobile phone to manage, organize, share and backup your entire photo collection from anywhere and with the rich, intuitive view you're used to on your computer desktop. Fast, easy to use and simple Sharpcast integrates a number of unique features including:

    • View of your workspace across all platforms - desktop computers, mobile phones and the web

    • Instantaneous online backup of media newly acquired on the desktop or mobile phone

    • Full access to your entire workspace from remote computers, the web or a mobile phone (even when your computer is off)

    • Complete real-time synchronization of all changes or additions made to your workspace

    • Access your photos on your phone and the web

    • Back up your precious memories from your mobile to the web

    • See your whole photo collection right on your mobile phone

    A web version and a mobile one are available for immediate download.
    Coming soon.

  7. FeedShare

    FeedShare is a service that helps bloggers with similar interests promote each other. As a blogger participant you give exposure on your site to other blogs in the network, and in return your blog will be promoted on similar sites in the network. The way you give exposure to other independent news sources and bloggers out there is by displaying a "Feed Listings" ad box, very similar to the text-based Google AdSense ad strips which display the name and the description of other independent news sources feeds and blogs to your own readers. The interesting thing is that you will be displaying relevant sites and RSS feeds that match the keyword list selection you will have provided to FeedShare. When visitors click on these listings they can then subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed for those sites in any one of several possible RSS readers. You can also create a promotional listing for your news site/blog and for every impression you donate to the network on your blog, you will receive a listing on someone else's blog or over at
    Getting started is easy - and FREE! Simply follow this easy 4 step guide (or if you are already signed in to Rojo, sign in to FeedShare now.) Free.

  8. openBC

    openBC is a multilingual networking platform that connects entrepreneurs, business managers and freelancers by finding new business contacts or operating partners through a search feature. This search feature plays matchmaker by linking your needs and wants to those your contacts can provide, and vice versa. openBC integrates over 1500 specialized groups that offer instant access to specialized industry knowledge. openBC organizes offline events held in all of the world's major cities where you can get to know your contacts personally. openBC is available also as a white label solution (Private Clubs) and on all major mobile platforms including smartphones and PDAs. All communication on openBC is secure and encrypted using SSL. Basic membership free.

  9. Krugle

    Krugle is a new search engine for developers. Krugle helps coders and software developers find code, answers while making it easy for them to find source code and technical information. Krugle also allows you to save, annotate and share your search results with others, all from within a single, easy-to-use, web application. Krugle indexes programming code and technical documentation from open-source repositories like SourceForge and corporate sites like the Sun Developer Network. The new search engine index will contain about 100 million pages from the "technical web". Available next month.

  10. Tagalicious

    Here is another interesting newsmastering tool that can provide a nice addition to any online publisher set of content aggregation tools. is a PHP code hack that allows any online publisher to integrate a list of links representing the mix of one or more selected delicious tags for a specific date or period of time. Here a few examples: a) webdesign and CSS links, b) one-day old blog links, c) one-day old PHP and Python links (all from delicious). Free

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