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Sunday, December 4, 2005

New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 29

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Sharewood Picnic is Robin Good's weekly basket of goods, tools and services found in the last week. Including several newly-released resources, these little gems can help you better understand and utilize the independent publishing revolution we are witnessing.


Feel free to download, test and try-out any of them. They are all readily available for immediate access.

Here is this week's list:

  1. Agent for independent musicians to license work for TV and film
  2. Collaborative work software based on Skype API
  3. Calendar software that networks desktops and mobile devices
  4. Advertising service where advertisers bid for your ad space
  5. Blog syndication via email
  6. Photo-sharing site with captions
  7. BitTorrent client with RSS capabilities
  8. Video blogs directory
  9. Video blogs open discussion group
  10. Song-a-day RSS feed with Creative Commons-licensed music

  1. Pump Audio

    Pump Audio works like an agent for independent musicians, allowing them to license their work for use in TV, film and advertising without losing ownership to major labels. A solution for musicians and producers alike, Pump Audio can be a bridge between musicians looking to get exposure and producers looking for quality music for their program, film or advert. Featuring a catalog of over 10,000 songs, Pump Audio includes a customizable search feature so producers and advertisers can find exactly the kind of music they need. The service delivers music through the "PumpBox," a specialized device that lets producers listen to thousands of songs without streaming or downloading individual tracks. All music is available in CD quality, is instantly licensed and the integrates with Avid or FinalCutPro, so editing is easy. Pump Audio artists enter into a non-exclusive agreement that allows them to keep all publishing and master copyrights and does not inhibit ability to secure a record deal in the future. Their one-year contracts detail that musicians receive 50 percent of all licensing fees as well as any future royalties. There is no fee to for musicians to join.

  2. Verosee

    Verosee is a program based on the Skype API that combines collaborative remote work capabilities with the benefits of Skype. With enormous implications for businesses, Verosee lets users create workspaces to store files that can be accessed and updated by other team members - ensuring all files are the most recent version. Anyone working on a project can then see which team members are online, where they are located globally and which are active in the workspace. Verosee also allows you to permit and restrict users' access and invite new users. This is all built on top of the Skype software that lets you communicate with other team members using instant messenger, voice and now video conferencing services. Skype and Verosee are both free to download and use, although charges apply when calling landlines or mobile phones.

  3. AirSet


    AirSet is a fully-functional personal information management service that networks with your mobile phone. Combining calendar services, address books and to-do lists, AirSet sends reminders and notifications via a mobile device, essentially turning your your phone into a PDA. The service actually surpasses some PDAs because all phone numbers, addresses and schedules are automatically saved on AirSet's website. AirSet also lets users sync calendars and address books with friends, family, coworkers or social groups. The service can also network with Outlook, Palm Desktop or Skype for easy connectivity across multiple platforms. Basic membership is free although users pay for text message costs.

  4. BidVertiser
    BidVertiser is a company that places targeted text ads on blogs and websites with advertisers bidding against each other for the ad space. Site owners always receive the highest possible payment per click, have control over ad sizes and configuration, can block any ad and receive revenue reports. Advertisers are able to create their own ads, monitor their performance and even make them visible to users in specific geographic locations. All advertisements appear as small text messages similar to those provided by Google AdSense that appear on this site.

  5. Feedblitz

    If you have been an unsatified user of Bloglet this may be of great interest to you. Feedblitz is a service that monitors your blog, RSS feed or website and automatically emails updates to subscribers. A supplement to RSS or XML, Feedblitz's services help bloggers reach audiences who don't use RSS readers. The service can syndicate any blog to email without ads or subscription fees and even allows addition of logos, graphics or promotional materials for less than five USD monthly. Feedblitz also manages your subscriptions and tracks circulation numbers for you.

  6. BubbleShare

    BubbleShare is a photo-sharing service incorporating web-based tools for captioning and easy sharing sets of images to be shared as photo albums online. The free service requires no downloads or registration and is easy to use from the moment you access the BubbleShare homepage. It is also possible to share photos directly from Mac's iPhoto as well as . Images are stored for free for 365 days and then the account can be renewed for free.

  7. TVTAD

    TVTAD is a BitTorrent program that integrates RSS to automatically download all the new TV episodes in your favorites list. Compatible with BitTornado, Azureus, BitComet, the official BitTorrent client and others, TVTAD accomplishes in one program what was formerly only possible with add-ons. However, the program has been ridiculed for being riddled with problems, crashing easily and not including a Mac or Linux version. Free to download.

  8. VlogDir

    Vlogdir is just that: a directory of vlogs. The site hosts an alphabetical listing of hundreds of vlogs, a discussion forum and a search feature. The site uses categories, regularly features a top 10 vlogs list and allows anyone to add their video blog easily.

  9. Yahoo Groups - VideoBlogging

    yahoo_videoblogging logo.gif
    Yahoo Groups hosts this discussion group for beginning videobloggers. Accessible in English, French or Spanish, the group includes how-to links for vlogs, links to Freevlog and Feevlog tutorials and links about how to syndicate and publicize your vlog. The discussions included on the group can provide useful advice to vlog beginners as well as an arena for answering questions. Free to join.

  10. Indieish - Creative Commons 365

    Indieish - Creative Commons 365 is a daily service that will deliver a Creative Commons-licensed song every day. Not in operation until January 1, 2006, CC365's daily tracks will be freely distributable and available to anyone. CC365's creator Grant Robertson said the service will bring music from all genres and styles and is currently looking for CC-licensed submissions. Free to subscribe to.

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