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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Podcasting Services: Best New Media Tools Of The Week - Sharewood Picnic 89

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  1. Podcast and audio files creator lets you record your own show and publish it online
  2. RSS to podcast service lets you turn any RSS feed into an audio podcast to share it across the Web
  3. Mobile podcasting service lets you listen to podcasts on any mobile phones
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  5. Podcast preview service enables you to stream 11 seconds of your podcast to attract listeners
  6. RSS feeds generator for podcasts lets you easily publish your podcast and share it online
  7. Podcast editing service lets you add chapters with images, text and links to your podcast in real-time
  8. Podcast management software lets you play podcasts on universal mass storage devices
  9. Podcast directory collects podcasts from selected sources and enables users to listen to them on their mobiles
  10. Collaborative music station lets users submit links to mp3 files and showcase their music
  11. Web-based podcast player lets you find the kind of content you look for through a search engine

  1. WildVoice


    WildVoice is a service that enables you to create and share podcasts, providing also free hosting for podcasts, blogs and pictures. By downloading the WildVoice Studio application, you can record your show in clips, edit them and add music and sound effects as you talk. WildVoice Studio transforms your clips into a finished show that you can upload at or any site that supports audio files. WildVoice works only on Windows XP and is completely free to use.

  2. Feed2Podcast
    Feed2Podcast is a web-based service that lets you instantly turn any RSS feed into a podcast. Feed2Podcast technology is based on the use of a text to speech tool and the resulting voice is very human-alike. Bloggers might be interested in offering an audio version of their blogs to be published in podcast directories. Feed2Podcast is completely free to use.

  3. Fonpods
    Fonpods is a service that allows you to listen to podcasts on any mobile phones. No additional purchases or equipment are needed. Fonpods allows you to create your own personalized programming list and you can choose from any podcast program available in the Fonpods directory. If you are a podcast producer, you can also upload your own podcasts to the Fonpods catalog. Free to use.

  4. seconds11
    seconds11 is a website that lets you stream a 11 seconds preview of your podcasts. Visitors listen to the first 11 seconds and if they like it they are redirected to your website, where they can listen to the full podcast. The homepage of seconds11 displays all the latest podcasts in a grid. Simply mouse over the images and discover the most recent podcasts. Free to use.

  5. Podcastblaster
    Podcastblaster is a tool that allows you to easily generate the RSS feeds you need to publish your podcasts. Once you set up your account, you simply need to fill out a form and each time you create a new episode of your podcast you can come back to your Podcastblaster account and add a link to that new MP3/MP4 file. Podcastblaster will then generate a new RSS file to replace the old one. Free to use.

  6. DiviCast
    DiviCast is a web-based service that lets you add chapters with images, text and links to your podcast in real-time. DiviCast provides you the ability to publish and share your content as well. Similarly, you can add chapters and material from other podcast users to enhance your own podcast. DiviCast is completely free to use.

  7. Podcast Ready
    Podcast Ready is a website that provides software and services that help users make subscribe, listen to and share podcasts. Podcast Ready's podcast management software called "myPodderTM" transforms UMS-compliant MP3 devices (players that connect as universal mass storage devices) into independent podcast receivers. myPodder software is available pre-loaded on select MP3 players and you can download it for free at Podcast Ready website.

  8. Melodeo
    Melodeo is a podcast directory that collects podcasts from selected sources. With Melodeo Mobilcast users can also enjoy the podcasts they find on Melodeo anywhere and anytime on their mobile phone. Mobilcast works on dozens of phones (click here to see if your phone is on the list of the supported devices). Melodeo recommends that you have a data plan with your mobile carrier before using Mobilcast. Free to use.

  9. PickStation
    PickStation is a collaborative music station where users submit links to mp3 files and is a good place for artists to upload their own music. The PickStation community members vote their favorite tracks and you can podcast popular tracks, incoming tracks, or any user's favorites or submissions. You can even take your own personal music stream and place it on your website or blog as a flash widget. Free to use.

  10. Noisely
    Noisely is a web-based podcast player which lets you find the kind of content you would like to listen by entering some words in its search box. Noisely data is based on the YouLoud podcast directory and if you want to be included in Noisely database you just have to add your podcast in YouLoud and it will automatically be included in Noisely. Free to use.

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Readers' Comments    
2007-02-10 22:24:24

Mack D. Male

Not sure what section we'd fall under, but Podcast Spot at can help get you up and running. Simply create your media file, send it to us, and we'll do the rest!

2007-02-05 02:26:47

Donald Townsend

WildVoice looks promising though people interested in using this service should keep in mind that bandwidth is restricted to a monthly 250 MB. For people who want to give podcasting a try that's more than enough. If a podcast gets successful there might be problems.

2007-02-04 15:32:51

Michael Levy

Thanks for including WildVoice in you list. I just wanted to add a quick clarification. WildVoice Podcast Studio is Windows XP application that you can use to record your own podcasts. Windows Vista support is coming, but still in testing. Our web site works with all systems and browsers. It also includes an in-page recorder so you can record your shows using just a browser on Windows in Firefox or IE. Also, you can record your show using any tool and always upload it to

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