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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 85

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  1. Video sharing community allows you to create your own video channel
  2. Video playlist creator lets you build up and share your own video playlist
  3. Video encoder enables you to encode your own videos within your browser

  4. swp_85_fruit.jpg
    Photo credit: Elena Elisseeva

  5. Project management tool lets you manage tasks and collaborate online with your team
  6. Web calendar allows you to manage your events and sends you SMS and email reminders
  7. Desktop publishing set of tools enables you to create, manage and distribute presentations
  8. Online pools creator lets you create your own pools and view the results by age, sex and location
  9. File sharing service allows you to share files that are on your computer with people you invite
  10. Visual search engine for Flickr images enables you to find all the pictures released under the Creative Commons license
  11. Wiki creator lets you set up public and private wikis and edit them with other people

  1. LiveVideo


    LiveVideo is a video sharing community that allows you to create your own video channel. LiveVideo offers customizable video streaming options that allow users to embed all your videos in one player and embed it into any web pages. Currently videos up to 100 MB can be uploaded and there is no length limit. Free to use.

  2. Feedbeat
    Feedbeat is a service that allows you to build up your own video playlist that you can share with others. Adding new videos to your playlist is easy: simply browse the sites of the video-hosters that feedbeat supports. When you find a video you like, copy and paste the page URL into your 'channel-manager'. Feedbeat automatically will catch the video out of the mentioned site. You can also watch the playlists with any RSS-compatible video player and internet TV software like Democracy and Fireant. Free to use.

  3. Hey!Watch
    Hey!Watch is a web-based video encoder that you can access from any devices connected to the Internet. You can subscribe to your own podcast feed and get automatically your encoded videos. The list of available encoding formats updates daily. Hey!Watch is free and you need to request an invitation in order to use it.

  4. Wrike
    Wrike is a project management tool that allows you to collaborate online with your team. Wrike does not limit the amount of activities you can keep track of. You can enter new tasks via email simply by adding to the recipients of your email. There is no need to download or install anything on your computer. Wrike is free to use.

  5. MyMemorizer
    MyMemorizer is a web calendar that offers with SMS and email reminders. You add events on important dates or subscribe to shared groups. MyMemorizer is free to use if you plan to receive max 2 free SMS reminders per day. In case you need more, you can always buy extra SMS/Text Messages. Free sign up.

  6. iPresent
    iPresent provides software tools that allow anyone to create, manage and distribute presentations, training materials, lectures, and demos over the web. iPresent combines an intuitive desktop authoring tool (iPresent Presio) with a web-based, multimedia publishing system (iPresent Online). Download the free beta.

  7. Vizu
    Vizu is a service that allows you to create your own online polls, post the results, and analyze the data. Polls can be easily shared through a variety of online channels, including email, IM, RSS, blogs, or Web sites. Instead of just looking at the results of a given poll, you'll be able to view the results by age, location and gender which is a very interesting feature. Free to use.

  8. OnShare
    OnShare is a service that allows you to share files that are on your computer with people you invite. If you have more than one computer, you can easily share between them wherever they are in the world. With OnShare, your friends appear as drives on your computer, meaning you can access their shared files directly from within Windows. Free to use.

  9. FlickrCC
    FlickrCC is a search engine that allows you to find photos on Flickr that were released under the creative commons license. To use this web application just enter a word (or words) into the textbox. Click on 'find' and you'll get all photos with a CC license that match the search word(s) in the picture's title, tags or description. Pictures are sorted according to the "interestingness" criterion, which means that you get the photo voted most interesting first.

  10. Zoho Wiki
    Zoho Wiki is a service that enables you to create public wikis and share them with other people. All your public wiki pages will be automatically indexed and cached by search engine robots and hence will be listed in search results. You can set different access to different documents: private, public and group access. Free to use.

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