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Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 84

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  1. Phone calls forwarder lets you receive calls from the Web by forwarding them to your real phone number
  2. Phone calling widget enables your site visitors to call you through their web browser
  3. Status displayer for VoIP and IM lets you show your online presence status on different networks
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    Photo credit: Igor Burchenkov

  5. Whiteboarding tool allows you to instantly create a shared whiteboard and collaborate live with other people
  6. Web presentation application lets you create and edit Flash-based presentations online and publish them
  7. Online images editor offers a Photoshop-like interface that lets you create special effects
  8. Music community lets you share your music and create mixes from music created by others
  9. Internet TV guide helps you find streaming shows on the Internet and create your personal video channel
  10. RSS feed reader lets you track your favorite news and also create your own blog
  11. File sharing service allows you to share files with single persons or groups with no upload limits

  1. Jaxtr


    Jaxtr is a service that allows you to receive calls worldwide while keeping your existing phone numbers private. By adding links to Jaxtr within your email signature, global friends can call you on your phone with the click of the mouse, without downloading any software, incurring international phone charges or even registering for Jaxtr. Jaxtr allows you to control when, where and how you can be reached, and if you don't like receiving calls or voice messages from anyone, you can easily block them. With Jaxtr, you get unlimited voice messages and 100 minutes per month of incoming calls from your online network worldwide.

  2. WengoVisio
    WengoVisio is a Flash-based widget that you can embed in your blog/website webpage, to allow readers to call you when you're available through their web browser, without downloading any software. The readers have the possibility to make both live audio or video phone calls. You need to signup for a Wengo account and give your site URL to generate the widget code to embed in the website. Free to use.

  3. Hictu
    Hictu is a service that allows you to display your status in different IM and VoIP networks (such as MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Skype and many others). You can automatically import all your pre-existing contacts from Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. Once you are ready, you can choose which contact or group of contacts you want to insert in the contact list: each one of them will receive an e-mail describing the service and asking to grant authorization for being listed in your contact list and show their communication availability. Free to use.

  4. Skrbl
    Skrbl is a web-based whiteboard that enables you to instantly collaborate online. You don't even need to register to use it: simply create a new room and give the URL to all the people you want to collaborate with. Everyone in your team can write on the Skrbl board, everyone can read and edit; you can also copy notes and images from anywhere and paste them into Skrbl. You can also keep your Skrbl private, using Skrbl's privacy feature. Registration is required only if you want to keep track of all your online sessions. Free to use.

  5. Spresent
    Spresent is a web-based presentations application based on Flash. With Spresent you can create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online. You can send presentations via e-mail or publish them on your web site or blog. The presenter can use advanced vector graphics animation based on Flash player. It is possible to create headlines, lists, charts and tables. Free to use.

  6. Fauxto
    Fauxto is an online images editor that offers a Photoshop-like interface based on layers. Therefore, in addition to the usual batch of drawing and editing features, Fauxto lets you work with layers to create all kinds of impressive effects. Anyone familiar with Photoshop will find Fauxto's very similar to the popular software by Adobe. However, Fauxto is still in beta and presently it doesn't even have an undo option. Free to use.

  7. Jamglue
    Jamglue is a online community for creating and sharing music. You can upload as much music as you want to your library and create mixes from music created by you or other people. In order to remix your music, you need to make sure that you have Adobe Flash 8 or higher installed and JavaScript turned on in your browser. Jamglue works the best with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.

  8. Network2
    Network2 is a guide to TV on the Internet that helps you find the shows you like. You can mix or match shows to create your own personal channel, share your favorite shows with others, or even take them with you on a portable media device. Network2 features reviews, opinions, and ratings on the shows featured on the guide. Free to use.

  9. Gobits
    Gobits is a web-based RSS feeds reader combined with a blog creator tool. With Gobits you can track all your favorite news, websites, blogs and podcasts so you don't have to. You can also create your own blogs and share your blogroll. Gobit has a very intuitive Ajax-based interface that lets you easily share articles, feeds and your blogs with your friends using a built-in email system (because you also get a free email account once you register). Free to use.

    in_solit_us_logo.gif is a web application that enables you to share any files you want, allowing you to limit this share to a single person, a group of people or make it public and let everyone download it. There is no disk usage limit set on users. However, in case a user has a very large amount of files stored in the system, reserves the right to ask to remove some of the files. Free to use.

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