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Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 83

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  1. VoIP tools allow you to make cheap international calls from your computer
  2. Web presentation service lets you upload presentations and edit them within your browser
  3. Mobile instant messaging service lets you access all major IM networks from your mobile phone
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  5. Web word processor allows you to edit documents online and share them with others
  6. Video annotation service lets you add captions to videos available online
  7. Instant messaging tool designed for students and instructors to help them manage their coursework
  8. Web messenger allows you to chat with people visiting the same web pages in real-time
  9. Voice messaging board lets you record voice messages and add them to discussion boards
  10. Time management tool lets you effectively set up appointments and manage your meetings
  11. Call forwarder enables people to call you from your website by redirecting calls to your phone

  1. PhoneGnome


    PhoneGnome offers a range of products that allow you to communicate via VoIP technology. PhoneGnome Web Telephony is free and lets anyone with a web browser make free and cheap calls to landline, mobile, cable, or VoIP phones and regardless of whether the parties are connected to the Internet or not. You talk to the other party using your standard phone, so you don't need a headset, a microphone or a special. The free PhoneGnome Software, instead, turns any PC or laptop into a fully-functioning telephone that uses your broadband internet connection to make calls to other PhoneGnome users, to traditional telephone numbers, and to SIP numbers. PhoneGnome also provides the so called Plug-and-Play Box, which brings Internet-based calling and features to your current household phone. Thus you can experience the convenience of free calls simply by dialing plain phone numbers directly on your existing phone (you can buy it for $59.99).

  2. TonicPoint
    TonicPoint is a service that enables you to store and share your existing presentations online. You can upload any Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 presentations and edit them in your browser. A rich graphical editor is available and all presentations can be exported to PDF. You can also present your ideas using simple conferencing tools provided by TonicPoint. Registrations are currently restricted, therefore you will have to request an invitation. Free to use.

  3. Talkster
    Talkster is a service that lets you talk from your mobile to your instant messenger buddies on MSN, Google Talk and Gizmo Project, without the need for any software on your phone or PC. International calling rates are as low as 2 cents per minute (check out rates to all destinations at Free sign up.

  4. Solodox
    Solodox is a web-based word processor for creating, editing and sharing documents and projects on the Internet. Documents can be created right in the browser and edited on any computer. You can invite members to read or edit the project and share your document with whomever you want. You can upload your existing documents to Solodox site and then download them as HTML/RTF/Word/Text file to your computer. Free to use.

  5. BubblePLY
    BubblePLY is a video annotation service where anyone can create and/or view text captions in the shape of bubbles that are synchronized with a video on a player. You simply need to grab any video from a video community by copying and pasting the URL into BubblePLY. After completing your Bubble creation, you will see a few options such as 'share this link with a friend' and 'embed video and bubbles in your site'. Free to use.

  6. Pronto
    Pronto is an instant messaging and voice chat tool specifically designed for students and instructors to help them meet online at any time to discuss their coursework. While offering many similar features as other instant messaging tools such as AIM and Yahoo! Messenger, Pronto integrates with course management systems such as Blackboard and WebCT, thereby automatically populating each student's contact list each semester with the names of every student in their classes and social organizations. Free to use.

  7. InCircles
    InCircles is a web based communication platform that allows you to interact with people viewing the same web page in real-time and experience group web browsing. Furthermore, the InCircles platform increases traffic flow to your site by connecting other users on popular social networks, blogs, personal sites directly to your site from all over the Web. You simply need to register to the service and embed the code generated into your site. Free to use.

  8. Chinswing
    Chinswing is a global message board where anyone can add voice messages to topical discussions. Chinswing basically combines features of podcasting, text forums and live voice chat to create a whole new way to talk. In order to record your voice and take part in Chinswing discussions, you will need to download and use the Chinswing Studio voice recording tool. Chinswing is Windows only and completely free to use.

  9. TimeToMeet
    TimeToMeet is a web-based tool that helps people finding a common meeting time. When you create a meeting with TimeToMeet, every participant receives a personal link that they use to access TimeToMeet and respond to your request. TimeToMeet will ask everyone for times when they are available, meaning: when it's most convenient for them to meet. As everyone replies, TimeToMeet calculates the overlap and notifies you so that you can confirm a final time. TimeToMeet is free but a Pro version is available at $3 for 3 months or $5 for 6 months. All Pro features are available for the free plan subscribers during the first month

  10. Sitòfono
    Sitòfono is a service that enables you to receive calls directly from your internet site on your fixed telephone, a free toll number or an automatic responder. By paying a yearly fee, you can receive unlimited calls from anywhere in the world. The available yearly fees are 399€ + VAT to get a toll free number, and 499€ for the fixed line.

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