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Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 82

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Looking for how to create your own video channel online or for how to access your favourite video clips through your mobile phone? Want to know how to reach all of the major instant messaging networks from your mobile phone? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best video, publishing and communication media tools we have run into this week. Check these great new media services and tools yourself, (they are mostly free) and let us know what you think of them.

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  1. Video publishing platform allows you to upload or collect your favorite videos and create your personal collection
  2. Mobile instant messaging application enables you to connect to the major IM networks from your mobile
  3. Web-site tour creator helps you show any site to your visitors and discover what it is all about
  4. Team management service offers web-based email, calendar and file sharing support for your team
  5. Peer-to-peer platform enables producers and publishers to spread original content among the community
  6. Mobile portal creation tool allows you to create your own hompage through RSS feeds
  7. Video sharing community rewards its members with prizes on a daily basis
  8. Graphs and charts generator allows you to input data and display it in a visual fashion
  9. Map creation tool lets you generate maps through Google Maps and embed them into any websites
  10. Voice changing software enables you to modify your voice and add special effects to it

  1. VodPod


    VodPod is an online video service that allows you to create a collection of videos about a specific topic or theme. Once you create the collection, the VodPod provides a place for you to watch those videos together, to let others know what you're watching and what you like. You can start a channel, upload your own videos and build a collection for free. During initial part of the beta trial period, you'll be able to upload both basic and hi-resolution videos for free, but VodPod plans to require a "Pro" subscription to upload hi-res video in the upcoming months.

  2. Jargong
    Jargong is an application for your mobile phone that allows you to chat with your MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and Jabber connected friends. Just visit on your mobile web browser. If your phone is supported you will the be able to download Jargong by simply clicking on the displayed link. Check out the list of supported phones. Free to use.

  3. Amberjack
    Amberjack is a service you can use to create tours that guide your site's visitors. The explaining text is displayed in a dialog-layer on top of your web page. Amberjack is a very customizable service: you can even create your own skins or modify existing ones and share your results with the community. Additionally, it is also possible to include a YouTube video or even a form. Free to use.

  4. BlueTie
    BlueTie is a team management service that is available in to versions: the free one offers web-based email, calendaring, and file sharing for new and growing businesses. Each account supports up to 20 users with email at addresses. The paid version offers rich collaboration solutions with Outlook integration, mobile support, 10GB of storage per user and toll-free support. You can add unlimited users for only $4.99 per user, per month. Free sign up.

  5. Azureus
    Azureus is a peer-to-peer platform with millions of active users. If you are a producer or publisher of original content, use the Zudeo client to expose your talent to the world. You simply need to download and install the Zudeo client and enjoy great content in high resolution. There is no cost to publish or distribute content, including storage, hosting or bandwidth. Free download.

  6. Mob-it!
    Mob-it! allows you to generate your own mobile portal from virtually any website available on the web through its RSS feed. You just need to enter the RSS feed URL in the box on the homepage and follow the instructions. The content will be downloadable on your mobile and will be stored as a portal on your phone. You will be able to access it anytime, anywhere, even offline with a presentation and an easy access. Free to use.

  7. WeWin
    WeWin is an online video sharing community that rewards its members with prizes. WeWin members have daily opportunities to win valuable prizes and connect with people who share their interests. WeWin members can view each others' photos, videos, profiles, communicate and meet new friends on the service, post comments and describe their interests. Free sign up.

  8. Swivel
    Swivel is a service that lets you explore data and share your insights with others in the form of graphics and charts. Swivel has data about politics, economics, weather, sports, business and more. You just have to upload the information you care about, describe it, pick a color scheme and even add some pictures. If you upload data for the public, Swivel is free; after Swivel finishes its preview period a professional edition of Swivel will be introduced, which will allow you to keep your personal or business data private. Free sign up.

  9. MapKit
    MapKit is a service that enables you to create and put maps on your site or blog. Once you sign up you get the ability to make maps with your readers using Google's base maps and Platial's social application. Just follow the easy steps and fill in all the blanks to get your MapKit code. Then you can just copy and paste the code into your site. Free to use.

  10. MorphVOX by Screamingbee
    MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer is a software that provides voice modification to online games, instant messaging and the professional studio. The latest version of MorphVOX Pro has a number of new features that improve the voice changer. MorphVOX Pro it includes backgrounds which allow a user add ambient sounds to disguise their apparent location. MorphVOX Pro costs $39.95 but you can also download MorphVOX Junior, which is the free version.

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good -
Readers' Comments    
2007-07-25 18:22:39

David B.

Certainly a fine list of tools. If I may, I've been using SnapBuild for some time now and find it to be up to par with Bluetie's service along with being a private email and messaging service. If I could edit your post with a #11 choice, I would!

Anyway, I recommend checking it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised:

2007-01-13 00:30:07

Bob Bennett

It looks like there is a service that is similar to vod pod coming out that is called It looks like it is somewhat different than vod pod since it allows bloggers to see who is watching/reading. It looks pretty interesting, i am hoping it is live soon.

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