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Sunday, December 3, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 81

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Looking for how to send SMS messages to your group of contacts at once or access all major instant messaging networks from one single web page with no need to install any software? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best new media tools our editors team has run into this week. Check these new media latest entries let us know what you think of them.

Photo credit: Denis Pepin

  1. Group text messaging service promoted by Yahoo! lets you send multiple sms at the cost of one
  2. Video and audio marketing service allows you to spread original content via a paid subscription podcast through RSS
  3. VoIP software enables you to call landline phones from your computer for free or at very cheap fares
  4. Online community lets users create their own space to showcase pictures, videos and personal portfolios
  5. Web instant messenger allows you to sign into different IM networks from one single web page
  6. RSS filter and aggregator lets you manage your subscriptions and receive information via RSS or IM
  7. Pictures showcase creation tool for Flickr enables users to display their images in a interactive box
  8. Time management service lets you keep track of your tasks also from your mobile phone
  9. Video hosting and sharing service lets you collect your favorite videos and upload yours from your mobile
  10. Photo hosting service that allows you to upload pictures, graphics and link to them from any sites

  1. Mixd


    Mixd is a service that enables you to send SMS to groups at the cost of a single message. Using Mixd costs the same as sending a standard text message, according to the rates charged to you by your wireless carrier. The only thing you have to do is register, create your group and text 445566. You can also upload pictures and videos and share them with your group mates by emailing the file to and you will receive an SMS message asking you to confirm your upload. No downloads or installations required. Free sign up.

  2. SubscribeCast
    SubscribeCast is a service that enables you to offer your video or audio content via a paid subscription podcast format using RSS syndication. Using SubscribeCast you can track your subscribers, monitor RSS access, and insure the security of your content. Your audience and customers will never need to download any software or plug-ins. SubcribeCast works with any RSS enabled programs, such as iTunes. If you want to know what you can expect to receive profit wise from your podcast by using SubscribeCast you can use their rate calculator. Free sign up.

  3. iCall
    iCall is a VoIP software that allows you to use your PC to call to the regular telephone network. iCall does not charge you to make a call to the US or Canada and offers free incoming calls from anywhere in the world to US. iCall also offers a free personalized voicemail. Check out the rates for international calls. You will need a Windows 2000 or XP-based computer to use iCall. Free download.

  4. Flukiest
    Flukiest is a network that provides users with the means to build communities through the use of mobile and web-based technologies. You can use it as a online mobile journal as a place to send pictures from your cellphone while you're on the road. You can create a online portfolio with your photography and artwork to share them with family, friends and potential clients. If you have a website you can integrate pictures in your profile or other user profiles with your own personalized RSS feed. Free sign up.

  5. Snimmer
    Snimmer is a instant messaging service that helps you to chat with any person on any network using any instant messenger. You simply need to provide your AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Google email and IM username and password and you will be able to chat. You can also get a transcript of your chat emailed to you. Free to use.

  6. Blastfeed
    Blastfeed is a service that allows users to filter the RSS feeds they subscribe to in order to get only the pieces of information they are interested in. Blastfeed pushes information in real time on any media channel, such as email, RSS or IM. Blastfeed can handle any RSS formats available. Free to use.

  7. PhotoShakr
    PhotoShakr is a service that allows you to showcase your pictures on Flickr in a box that displays random thumbnails of them. You simply need to enter your Flickr email and PhotoShakr will automatically generate a interactive box displaying your pictures, which can be embedded into any websites or blog. PhotoShakr is completely free to use.

  8. Tiktrac
    Tiktrac is a service that helps you keep track of time within your organization with a slick Ajax web interface, RSS feeds and CSV data exports. You can allow your staff to sign in and log their time efficiently, and never rely on emailing files to your team mates. Tiktrac has also a mobile version. You can access to your account using your phone from wherever you are, allowing you to update and add tasks at any time. Free to use.

  9. MyWaves
    MyWaves is a service that allows you to create your own video channel and collect all your favorite videos. You can also send web-based videos from the most popular video sharing sites to your mobile. Additionally, you can store the videos you shoot with your mobile on MyWaves and share them with your friends. You simply need to download the mobile MyWaves application. MyWaves works with all the major carriers in Europe, US and Canada. Free sign up

  10. Pic2US
    Pic2US is a service that hosts your pictures, graphics, or other images on the Internet. Files must be under 1000 Kb in size, they must be of a jpeg, gif, or png file format. When you upload an image, you will be given an actual URL to the actual image file. You may link to the image from any site on the Internet. Free to use.

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