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Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 80

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Looking for how to show video clips to remote viewers, send SMS messages to your group of contacts at once or access all major instant messaging networks from your mobile phone? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best new media tools our editors team has run into this week. Check these new media latest entries let us know what you think of them.

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  1. Collaborative synchronized media player allows you to watch, fast forward and rewind video clips with other remote users.
  2. Text-messaging service lets you send sms to a large group of people and manage evens from any mobile phones
  3. Mobile IM application enables you to access the most popular instant messaging networks from your phone
  4. Visual search engine facilitates users by displaying results in a visual map
  5. RSS feeds creator lets you set up, publish and manage serialized web feeds
  6. Notes editor allows you to write post-its on any web page and share them with others
  7. RSS feeds generator enables you to add RSS feeds to any web page
  8. Search engine displays previews of the sites which contain the items you are looking for
  9. Reading software improves your capability to read on the computer screen
  10. File hosting service gives you 1GB space to store your files online

  1. syncVUE


    syncVUE is a software that allows distant individuals to simultaneously view and annotate local copies of the same video files in perfect sync. syncVUE plugs into Skype, the most popular VoIP conferencing software available today. syncVUE adopts your Skype buddy list as its own, allowing you to collaborate with any other syncVUE user on the Skype network. One license costs $189.00 but the software is also available for free trial.

  2. Zemble
    Zemble is a service that helps you interact with your social networks through text messaging. Zemble lets you effortlessly text message large groups of friends while on the go, receive breaking news, weather updates, sports scores and organize your life with its event-management features. Zemble will never charge you for sending a text message. However, your mobile carrier will charge you your normal text messaging rate. No download required. Free sign up.

  3. Talkonaut
    Talkonaut is an application that lets you access to popular IM networks from your mobile phone. Unlike other IM clients, Talkonaut lets you experience all features of VoIP on almost any J2ME complient device. Talkonaut can be used with any Jabber account, including Google Talk. Using Talkonaut you can talk from your mobile to other Google Talk or Windows Live Messenger users or even to any SIP phone or service. No registration required: you just need to download Talkonaut on your phone and run it. Free to use.

  4. Quintura
    Quintura is a visual search engine that facilitates users by displaying results in a visual map. To start a search, you enter a starting query in the query box. Once your query is processed, words contextually related to your query are displayed on the left pane of the Quintura window. The visual map provides hints for possible directions for further searching. Quintura allows you to find relevant results among those found by a search engine selected by you. Free to use.

  5. FeedCycle
    FeedCycle is a service that enables you to create, publish and manage cyclic, or serialized, web feeds using the RSS feed format. A serialized RSS web feed is that one which enables a subscriber to receive sequential episodes from within a series of episodes. The subscriber always starts at the beginning regardless when they start their subscription. For example if you have previously published a 10 episode podcast, you can create a cyclic web feed and ensure that your subscribers always start from the beginning. Free to use.

  6. Fleck
    Fleck is a online service that lets you add notes to any web pages, then send them to your friends or use them in your blog. On the Fleck's homepage, you simply need to type in the URL of the web page to which you want to add notes and then you will be able to create virtual post-its that you can drag and drop anywhere. Fleck is also available as a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox. Free to use.

  7. RSSpect
    RSSpect is a service that lets you add RSS feeds to any web page. RSSpect offers three kinds of feeds, so you can add an RSS feed to literally anything you find online: "AnySite feeds" allow you to create update feeds from any website or any document online, even those that you don't control; "MySite feeds" allow you to generate advanced RSS feeds from your own website content, automatically. "Podcast feeds" are specially-designed RSS feeds to be used with iTunes. Free to use.

  8. Snap
    Snap is a search engine that helps you find relevant results by displaying previews of the web pages it lists. From the moment you type one letter in the search box, a drop down menu appears instantly, offering popular search terms, synonyms, and other suggestions. When Snap returns results, it shows you a preview of the related websites, so that you can guess whether those results are relevant. Snap is completely free to use.

  9. ReadPal
    ReadPal is a software that facilitates reading on the computer screen. ReadPal extracts the text from any document and displays it to you in a format that is both easier and faster to read. ReadPal automatically displays the text in the format that you have chosen. Downloading ReadPal costs €31.62 but the software is available for free trial on the website.

  10. DropBoks
    DropBoks is file hosting service that allows you to securely upload and download your files as you please. Each account has access to 1GB of storage space available. You can upload and download files of any format as large as 50 MB. You need to sign up for an account in order to start using Dropboks. This service is free to use.

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