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Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 79

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Online collaboration? Video and photo sharing online? Independent publishing tools? You need not go search any further. Robin Good and Livia Iacolare bring together the most interesting new media tools they found during the last seven days and share their initial impressions and info on them in this weekly report.

Photo credit: Ljupco Smokovski

  1. Photo slideshow creator allows you to create videos with your pictures and add music to them
  2. 3D social platform enables you to socialize, show and browse within a 3D environment
  3. Collaboration platform lets you manage your online work with the support of VoIP communication
  4. Instant whiteboard for online collaboration that you can access from any Flash-enabled browser
  5. Event organizer lets you plan events, manage subscriptions and receive payments through PayPal
  6. Online chatroom service lets you create a chatroom in few clicks with no need to install Java
  7. Photo album creator helps you organize your pictures with the use of tags

  8. Online notes collector allows you to write notes and share them with others through RSS feeds
  9. Spam catcher for emails gives you a temporary email address that you can use to avoid spam
  10. Online marker lets you put annotations on pictures and share them with others

  1. Fliptrack


    Fliptrack is a service that allows you to easily create photo slideshows and add effects and popular music to them. Fliptrack technology allows you to match images to the beats or lyrics of songs, so you can create a real soundtrack for your photos. Your creations can be easily shared with other people. Music is included with the software. A full catalog of music is available once you start using the Fliptrack software. Fliptrack is Windows only and completely free to use.

  2. 3B
    3B provides a platform that enables users to socialize, shop and browse within a 3D environment.
    The spaces created by users within 3B are built to display their MySpace pages, their friends' pages, their favorite websites, their Flickr photos and more. In addition to creating a personalized avatar which they can dress and design, the user can personalize their village by choosing a 3D theme for their space and changing some of the elements inside the village.

  3. CommuniClique
    CommuniClique is a collaboration platform that helps teams work closely together. Communications within such environment are possible through VoIP and users are able to quickly assemble project teams, manage participants and measure results. Users can take advantage of real-time screen-to-screen white boarding, desktop sharing and online reporting to increase productivity and effectively gauge overall project success. CommuniClique costs 9.99 $ per month.

  4. Collaboroom
    Collaboroom is a service that provides an instant shared whiteboard that you can access within any browser that supports Flash. The web version of Collaboroom runs from a server and requires no software installation on the user's computer and costs $999 (unlimited users). The desktop version of Collaboroom includes the Web version standard features as well as a desktop client that is installed onto a user's PC to provide advanced features costs $2499 (unlimited users). Try the free demo.

  5. Event Wax
    Event Wax is a site that lets you organize special events, from conferences and workshops to parties, gigs, and receptions by helping you manage subscriptions. Once you add an event, Event Wax will automatically produce a web site for you, the content and presentation of which is completely customizable. You can set up different tickets at different prices, with limited numbers, or to be available at different times. You can also apply additional charges such as tax or booking fees. You can make your event site (including registration pages) look exactly how you want by applying your own CSS. Event Wax provides you with the means to receive payments through your PayPal account. Free to use.

  6. Karzi
    Karzi is a service that allows you to create a chatroom in few seconds. online chat system. Once you create a chatroom you can embed it into any webpages. Karzi colorifies usernames based on the user's IP address to help you differentiate the people you are talking to. You can also save your chat logs in XML format). Karzi is compatible with Firefox, Flock, Safari and Internet Explorer 6 and is completely free to use.

  7. Pikeo
    Pikeo is a photo album creator that helps you organize your pictures based on tags that you select. Pikeo offers you 1 GB storage for all your pictures and you can send photos from your camera phone. You can decide which of your pictures you want to share with your family and friends. Pikeo is completely free to use.

  8. Nottr
    Nottr is a website where you can write your notes and share them through the web in a blog style. You can easily export your notes as plain text (.txt) and zip (.zip) files. When sharing your notes you can also view them as XML. People can also subscribe to your shared notes using RSS feeds. Two of the upcoming features will allow you to send these notes to your or your friends' cellphone or email schedule reminders for those important notes. Free to use.

  9. 2Prong
    2Prong is a website that allows you to avoid email spam by giving you a one-time email address to use. When site ask for your email address, you can give them a 2Prong address and avoid the unwanted messages that are likely to follow. 2Prong is based on a constantly changing domain name to avoid Malinator type bans, and a dynamic Ajax interface that doesn't require you to do any logging in or use the refresh button. Free to use.

  10. MapLib
    MapLib is a service that allows you to upload any images (as large as 6000x6000) and transform them into a custom Google Map in a really simple way. You can add markers and annotations to your pictures and also embed them in your own web pages or blog. Settings for each map include title, description and control for who can add map markers. You can have this set for only you, or you can let visitors to the map annotate the image as well. Free to use.

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