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Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 78

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Looking for the latest new media tools, web 2.0 services or for just-released new independent publishing software? Searching for how to distribute content online? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best new media tools our editors team has run into this week. Check these new media latest entries let us know what you think of them.

Photo credit: Monika Adamczyk

  1. Streaming video and audio recorder with integrated whiteboard and text editor
  2. Collaborative workspace with integrated witheboard and chat
  3. Large file sending service allows you to exchange files up to 1GB in size
  4. Video marketing service allows you to put ads inside videos
  5. Screen sharing application for Windows allows one-to-one desktop sharing
  6. Online video channel lets you upload and stream your videos and promotes video contests
  7. Interactive workspace platform allows you to present visual designs and discuss over them
  8. Photo and video sharing service for mobiles also allows you to send free SMS
  9. SMS to RSS feeds creator enables you to create RSS feeds from your mobile text messages
  10. Reminders creator enables you to set up to-dos with the use of sticky notes

  1. Exclaimable
    Exclaimable is a service that features built-in video and audio capture, painting and text composition tools. Once you have recorded your video or audio you can then share it with the world by embedding it on your website, blog, profile or anywhere you like. You are not allowed to upload anything on Exclaimable. This service is free to use.

  2. Thinkature


    Thinkature is a service that lets you create collaborative workspaces. You can use your own workspace as collaboration environment, a meeting room or a personal web-based whiteboard. With Once you have invited other members inside your workspace, you can communicate by chatting, drawing, creating cards, and adding content from around the Internet. Because Thinkature runs inside your web browser, you can get at your data from anywhere and you don't need to download anything. Free to use.

  3. Badongo
    Badongo is a file hosting site that allows users to upload large files (photos, videos, music, etc.) to send to other people. The site provides users with a link to their file that can easily be sent via email or instant messenger for viewing or download without having to worry about file size limitations of email and messenger applications. Currently, Badongo offers single file uploads up to 1 GB. You may upload as many files as you wish and split files large than 1 GB into multiple smaller files and upload individually. Free to use.

  4. BrightRoll
    BrightRoll is a service that helps publishers monetize their video traffic and helps advertisers connect with consumers in the online video market. BrightRoll provides video content publishers with the ability to monetize their video inventory (regardless of the player format - WMP, Quicktime, Flash) with the best performing offers available in the video market. Free sign up.

  5. CrossLoop
    CrossLoop is a one-to-one screen sharing application that allows you to show your desktop to whomever you want with one click. CrossLoop is indeed very easy to use and does not scare the non technical user. CrossLoop works very smoothly when computers are on the same LAN and once you start it you can invite another person to join you just by sending over an invitation code. Windows only. Free download.

  6. Ziddio
    Ziddio is a online and on demand channel featuring user-generated content. With Ziddio you can create, watch and share videos; it is also possible to participate to video contests promoted by Ziddio. You'll need a camcorder, digital camera, cell phone, or just a webcam to get started. Once you've recorded your videos, you can upload them and select the appropriate contest. Currently the upload limit is set at 100MB per video. Free To use.

  7. ConceptShare
    ConceptShare is a web based application service that allows the creation and management of interactive workspaces to present visual designs. A Workspace is an interactive Flash-based application that you and your participants can use for synchronous or asynchronous conversations about and around visual designs. Anyone can add comments and each comment layer can contain drawings or markups directly on the image. Free to use.

  8. Wadja
    Wadja is a service that allows you to make friends, send free text SMS messages, share photos, music, and video clips from one mobile phone to another. Once you become part of Wadja community, you can send one SMS to all your friends at one time. With Wadja you can create a profile that is both web browser and mobile phone friendly. Free to use.

  9. Vox Board
    Vox Board is a service that enables you to create RSS feeds from your SMS. You need to create a mobile phone text message in the format indicated on the website. The SMS must be sent to a UK mobile number, which will generate an RSS feed available on Vox Board. Free to use.

  10. Stikkit
    Stikkit is a tool that allows you to gives you create notes and reminders that you can then share with other people across the web. Stikkit watches for appointments, to-dos, people, bookmarks and more, magically extracting and organizing the important details. It is possible to email Stikkit notes and keep a blank "stikkit" at the ready on your desktop. You can also get reminders on your mobile phone. Free to use.

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