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Sunday, November 5, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 77

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Looking for the latest new media tools, web 2.0 services or for just-released new independent publishing software? Searching for how to distribute content online? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best new media tools our editors team has run into this week. Check these new media latest entries let us know what you think of them.

Photo credit: Tomasz Sowinski

  1. Mobile IM and blogging service by Windows lets you access to your virtual world from your cellphone
  2. Photo slideshow creator lets you add music, effects and captions to your pictures
  3. Online desktop that looks like a local computer lets you access all your personal data within any browsers
  4. Online Instant messenger enables you to access to several IM networks from one web-based location
  5. Search engine records what people are searching for to rank the quality of sites
  6. Online file converter allows you to upload and convert all the most popular files without any software
  7. File hosting service lets you store all file formats and share them with others too
  8. Animated gif creator lets you create animated gifs with your pictures and also with photos on Flickr
  9. Free stock photos directory provides users with images released under a free content license
  10. Search engine enables users to retrieve information from several sources in a single click

  1. Windows Live Mobile


    Windows Live Mobile is a service that brings e-mail, blogging, web search, maps, and driving directions directly to your mobile phone. You can now access your virtual world also when you are offline. The service is still in beta and it is free to use; however, wireless air time charges may apply. You will need to refer to your wireless service plan for details.

  2. PhotoShow
    PhotoShow is a photo sharing service that allows you to upload pictures (even from URLs) and create slideshows. With PhotoShow you can quickly transform your digital photos and video clips into entertainment to enjoy and share on the screen of your choice - whether a PC, a TV or a handheld device. If you buy PhotoShow Deluxe 4 you will also be able to add your own music and many other special effects to your slideshows. Additionally, PhotoShow Deluxe 4 allows you to edit videoclips. PhotoShow is completely free, while PhotoShow Deluxe costs $39.99 and requires download.

  3. Desktoptwo
    Desktoptwo is a free web-based desktop that imitates the look, feel and functionality of a local computer, all contained within one browser window and fully accessible from any Internet-connected device. Desktoptwo can contain all of your personal information, programs and applications in one location. Desktoptwo offers you 1GB storage, an mp3 player, an RSS reader and also a website editor. Free to use.

  4. Instan-t Express
    Instan-t Express is a web-based instant messaging service that allows you to sign onto public and IM networks with your existing usernames and passwords offering complete interoperability with MSN, AOL, ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger. Instan-t Express beta already includes advanced features such as voice and video chat. Instan-t Express is completely free to use.
  5. Compete
    Compete is a search engine based on Yahoo! that records what its users are searching for to profile any websites they visit. Whenever you search for an item, Compete provides you with information such as site traffic history and competitive analytics, available promotional codes across thousands of online sites. Site-specific trust scores are based on data from Compete and third party security services. Compete provides a personalized page for Compete community members to receive premium content and participate in forums, surveys and other activities that earn Compete Points, redeemable at numerous online retailers, airlines, etc. Free to use.

  6. Zamzar
    Zamzar is a service that allows conversion between a wide variety of different file formats. When converting more than one file, Zamzar gives you the option to download all your files in a compressed zipped format. Once downloaded you can unpack your compressed zip file that contains all your converted files. Generally this file is 25% smaller than downloading all your individual files. Zamzar currently stores converted files for a 24 hour period. Check out conversion types ( Free to use.

  7. Wikiupload
    Wikiupload is free file hosting service for all file formats including video, mp3 and images. In addition to file hosting, allows tagging and bookmarking of files so they can easily be shared. is a free service. With the free membership you receive a 5 GB account that allows uploading and sharing of files, tagging / bookmarking and RSS feeds. If you are looking for an even bigger account Wikiupload offers 10 GB account size at $5 per month and 20 GB account at $10 per month. Files are kept forever as long as they are downloaded at least once every 30 days.

  8. Gickr
    Gickr is a web tool that enables you to create animated gifs with whatever picture, even on Flickr. You simply need to upload the images you need from your hard disk (or search for pictures on Flickr). Note that the sequence you uploaded them in will be your frame sequence. You can't upload files bigger than 1MB each and, also, you can't upload more than 10MB files at once - your browser may hang. Supported files are .png, .gif and .jpeg.

  9. Open Stock Photography
    Open Stock Photography is a site that helps designers find free stock photography (or public domain photography). All images listed at Open Stock Photography come from Wikimedia Commons and as such "can be used by anyone, for any purpose. Wikimedia Commons contains about 450,000 files uploaded by nearly 30,000 registered users. Each of these files is available under a free content license or in the public domain; there are no restrictions of use beyond those relating to use of official insignia. Licenses which limit commercial use are considered non-free. Free to use.

  10. FundooWeb
    FundooWeb is a mashup search tool that enables users to retrieve information from several sources in a single click. Modules currently in action are Yahoo!, Flickr, Yahoo! News, Yahoo Answers, Amazon, and Yahoo! Map. More modules will be added in time. FundooWeb is completely free.

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