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Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 76

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Looking for the latest new media tools, web 2.0 services or for just-released new independent publishing software? Searching for how to distribute content online? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best new media tools our editors team has run into this week. Check these new media latest entries let us know what you think of them.

Photo credit: Robert Kohlhuber

  1. Contextual advertising service for videos allows you to put relevant ads into videos
  2. Flash video editor lets you create and publish flash movies and presentation online
  3. Video messenger enables you to send video messages with your camera phone
  4. Mobile file storage service allows you to upload text files that you can read on your mobile
  5. Online photo album creator enables you to upload your photos and organize them in albums
  6. File storage service lets you upload unlimited size files simultaneously
  7. Group management tool provides a web-based platform for workgroups to share their ideas
  8. Email encryption add-on for Firefox adds more privacy to your webmail service
  9. Project management tool allows you to create and manage different projects online
  10. File hosting platform enables you to upload and store any type of file up to 20MB

  1. Immense


    Immense is a network that provides online video publishers with the capability to use contextual ads in videos. These ads are called "walnuts" and they are text advertisements that usually appear at the end of a video. Immense partnered with, which means that your walnuts will appear in's user videos and as well as any place those videos are distributed. Immense will charge 30% of your total campaign budget at the outset of your campaign, and then charge you for the remaining 70% monthly as your walnuts are clicked on. Every click costs publishers 19 cents. Free sign up.

  2. Toufee
    Toufee is a web based editor that allows you to create and publish flash movies and presentations online. You can easily make movies, banners, presentations and e-cards with the help of many special effects for your text, photos and videos. It is also possible to insert images from Flickr and videos from YouTube with a click. Once you are done, you can publish your movies directly to MySpace, eBay, blogs and whatever website. Free to use.

  3. Veeker
    Veeker is a service that lets you and your friends communicate instantly using the video cameras in your mobile phones. These instant video communications "video peeks", or "veeks". When you send veeks from your phone to Veeker, your friends can view them within seconds at, and on other websites that accept embed codes, such as MySpace, Xanga, and Blogger. If you don't have a camera in your mobile phone, you can still view veeks from your friends that do, and communicate with them via computer-to-phone text messaging. Veeker also accepts mobile photos. Using Veeker is free. Costs for the transfer of video and picture data vary according to your cellular provider and plan.

  4. mTextbox
    mTextbox is a service that enables you to upload text files that you can read on your mobile phone. Once you upload your text via the website, you obtain a code associated to the file. Afterwards, you need to point your mobile browser to to download the file. mTextbox requires download and it is free to use: however, the text is downloaded from the internet, so your mobile carrier may charge you depending on the data plan you have.

  5. Tabblo
    Tabblo is a service that lets you upload your photos and create albums that you can share with other people. The site provides you with many templates, among which you can chose the one that suits you better. You can add captions, titles and full paragraphs thanks to a fully integrated text editor. Pictures can be resized as you please and it is possible to decide who can download them and who can't. Free to use.

  6. MediaFile
    MediaFile is a service that lets you upload unlimited size files also simultaneously. You don't need to register to use this service; however, you can open a free account to better manage your uploaded files. The files that you upload can be shared with others by using one of the copy and paste codes. You can also share your files by e-mail, AIM, or Yahoo Messenger. MediaFile provides unlimited bandwidth and allows multiple simultaneous downloads. Free to use.

  7. Huddle
    Huddle is a hosted service that offers virtual workspaces called 'huddles', which can be used to manage projects, share and review documents, monitor timelines and discuss work across the members of the group. Team profiles enable you to see who else is on your project and get in touch with them. Automated alerts, instant message systems, discussion boards and other unique features ensure users are kept up-to-date with minimum effort. Huddle offers a free plan and several paid subscription plans (check out the prices).

  8. Freenigma
    Freenigma is a service that adds privacy technology (with strong e-mail encryption) to your webmail service. Freenigma supports Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and others. You can exchange encrypted content with your friends and business partners. One Freenigma account can be used for all supported webmail systems. You don't need to install additional software packages on your PC. You just need your Firefox browser to install Freenigma as a standard Firefox extension; therefore, you can use Freenigma on GNU/Linux, MacOS X, Windows and all other operating systems where you can run a Firefox browser. Free to use.

  9. Wridea
    Wridea is project management tool that allows you to create a page for each project and different categories for each work type. With Wridea, your friends can participate on your ideas by commenting on them through the help of RSS feeds. Wridea lets you create, edit and delete your ideas, pages and categories smoothly and easily. Wridea is web-based and completely free to use.

  10. LocalHostr
    LocalHostr is a service that allows you to upload and store any type of file up to 20MB. Once you select the file you want to upload from your computer, LocalHostr automatically generates links to the uploaded file, so that you can embed it in whatever webpage in few seconds. LocalHostr is completely free to use and does not require registration.

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