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Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Media Internship At MasterNewMedia: Interns Interview Each Other - Daniele Bazzano Under The Spotlight

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Curious to find out more about my internship program for would-be professional web publishers? Daniele Bazzano, senior intern here at MasterNewMedia, shares with you on video what it is like to be learning by doing what professional web publishing is all about. Is it really that easy to become a web publisher? What are the cons of an otherwise apparently ideal professional competence?

MasterNewMedia intern Daniele Bazzano

This video interview is both an opportunity to share with you what it feels to be part of the MasterNewMedia internship program as well as an effective example of how those participating in it learn by doing the skills they have been craving so much to master.

The video host in this 7-minute interview is another MasterNewMedia intern, Andre Deutmeyer, based in Seoul, South Korea. Daniele Bazzano, his interviewee, connects in via broadband from Catania, Sicily (Italy).


Interns Interview Each Other - Daniele Bazzano Under The Spotlight

Full English Text Transcription


Andre Deutmeyer: Hi everyone, my name is Andre Deutmeyer, and I'm intern with MasterNewMedia international. I'm here with Daniele Bazzano, who's also an intern here at MasterNewMedia.

Today we're going to talk with Daniele a little bit about his experience here.

Daniele how are you?

Daniele Bazzano: I'm doing great Andre, how are you?

Andre Deutmeyer: I'm doing excellent, thank you for asking.

Before we begin, Dani... do you mind if I call you Dani? I have a little bit trouble pronounce your name, and this will make my life a whole lot easier.

Daniele Bazzano: Not at all, sounds cool!

Andre Deutmeyer: Cool man, thank you.


Dani's Experience at MasterNewMedia

Andre Deutmeyer: Dani tell me, there are a lot of people out there who are interested in becoming MasterNewmedia interns. You've been there for something like four months now, right?

Can you tell me a little bit about your experience with MasterNewMedia?

Daniele Bazzano: Cool. As you said I'm here since mid-August I think, and it's been very enjoyable because I was going to trip to Milan to become a journalist, and I came across this internship offer from Robin Good that really made me think about... "well, man, you can fulfill your passion, since you're interested into new media, technology, and this could really be the job of your life, so why don't you give it a try?"

I've been here. I tried, and I don't regret my choice till now.

Of course, I've learned a lot of things:

It's very great, I'm enjoying my internship here.


MasterNewMedia Isn't All Fun and Games

Andre Deutmeyer: Thank you Dani for that excellent response. I learned a lot about what you've learned and the reason why you decided to come to MasterNewMedia, but what about the difficulties: it can't be all fun and games, can it?

Daniele Bazzano: Sure it isn't. There are always two sides of the coin, right?

I do a lot of work, it's really hard because sometimes you wake up at 8am in the morning and you go to bed at 10pm and you work is still.... you still think you haven't done your job properly, because there are a lot if things...

It's like when you are in a newspaper. There are news to be published, there are articles to be published in a precise day, and you have to have them ready for that day, so you have to ask for republication permissions, you have to prepare articles, they should respect some standard quality...

It isn't very easy.

You have less time to hang out with your friends, to see your girlfriend, that kind of stuff that you usually do when you are free, and you don't have to be on your computer all the time.

There are some drawbacks, I can't deny it. But I think it's really worth it. If this can be something that I spend to fulfill my passions, it's really worth it.


Motivations to Do The Internship at MasterNewMedia

Andre Deutmeyer: Nice response, so let me throw you actually... I want you to expense a little bit more on the motivations, what keeps you going with all the difficulties that you just said.

What keeps you interested, what keeps you going, motivated at MasterNewMedia?

Daniele Bazzano: Basically is the fact that I love what i do. I'm passionate about new things, discovering things, sharing my knowledge with other people that are as passionate as I am.

For example, sharing new stuff that we've found with colleagues, trying new tools, discovering new things that I had never imagined that could exist.

Since I'm here I discovered the use of wikis, shared documents, how to make a screencast... Those things that you usually see on the Web, and you think they're cool but you never really questioned yourself about: "How people do it?", "How they succeed in doing those things in a professional way?" That isn't just when you do it and you really don't know how does it work.

Andre Deutmeyer: If I'm trying to correct you there, your motivation is the knowledge that you gain from this whole experience, and maybe learning how to do what other people successful people out there are doing as well, in the realm of web publishing. Is that correct?

Daniele Bazzano: Yeah that's right.


Dani's Advices For Future Interns

Andre Deutmeyer: Cool. I'm almost out of question. I have one more for you.

Before I let you go now, do you have any advice for potential interns, people who are interested in doing what you and I are doing? Maybe some advice you would have liked to have had before you joined MasterNewMedia, and now you can share with some of the people out there?

Daniele Bazzano: I advise that if you want to do this job, if you want to do this internship, you have to have strong motivations, and you have to be very passionate about what you're doing. It is a hard work.

You can feel discouraged about what are you doing because you receive criticism or you make a lot of mistakes, and you feel: "Oh my God, how am I going to do this, how am I going to do that".

My advice is to be very passionate about what you're doing, because if you have strong motivations behind you, no matter what people tell you, no matter how many mistakes you do, you still can go on.

That's my advice.

Andre Deutmeyer: Thank you very much Dani.

I'm out of questions so I thank you for taking the time to speak with me and for speaking to everyone who's watching right now and, yeah, thanks a lot man, I had a great time! Ciao!

Daniele Bazzano: Thank you, bye! Ciao!

Originally shot by Andre Deutmeyer for MasterNewMedia and first published on November 15th as "New Media Internship At MasterNewMedia: Interns Interview Each Other - Daniele Bazzano Under The Spotlight".

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